How to choose a mail client for your MAC

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How to choose a mail client for your MAC – words Alexa Wang

If you aren’t satisfied with the functionality of the standard Apple Mail client, you can quickly change it. Regardless of the fact that Mac Email Client is designed correctly, comprises a plethora of useful features and works with iCloud, Gmail or Outlook pretty well, some users don’t like its functionality.

The overarching objective of this review is to identify several the best Mac mail clients who can meet the requirements of the most exacting users. All of them have similar functionality, but the range of features is different.

Look through our list of the most worthy email clients for Mac devices and pick out the one which meets your demands most of all!



This service offers an entirely new approach to emailing on Mac-based devices. This is probably one of the best email contenders existing on the market today. Furthermore, it has a specific interface (comprising only necessary icons) and a variety of powerful options. It is focused on the needs of users. Its best feature is the possibility to group emails by senders which saves the time while searching for the important letter. As a result, a user can view all emails from one person.

When we share letters, we frequently add different attachments to them. Unibox offers an entirely new approach to viewing them – users will have a possibility to preview all attachments. You won’t spend time on opening each file.

The support of IMAP protocol is a fair opportunity to use different providers as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

One can download the app on Setapp. The free 7-day trial is a cool chance to test its functionality at zero cost!


This is another email client which is popular among Mac users from all over the globe. Its quick preview option allows you to check up what is inside the letter without opening it. If your everyday work is related to dealing with a significant number of letters or junk emails, this app will save your time. Due to the Spark Inbox option, one can reorganize mails into simple cards. Besides, it is also possible to sort emails in keeping with the following groups:

  • Notification,
  • Personal,
  • Newsletters.

Their team is working on the development of new features on an ongoing basis as well.

MailTab Pro

Thanks to this third-party app, you can quickly get access to Gmail accounts. If necessary, you can set different audio alerts which will notify you of the new letter. The functionality of MailTab Pro allows users to change the size of the window. As a result, you will have more working space. The average price for this app is $2,99. Nevertheless, you should visit their official website to clarify the details of their packages.

Canary Mail

The most prominent benefit of this email client is robust encryption which guarantees the safety of your emails. You can easily monitor the outgoing emails, classify incoming letters or search for the important letter in a split second. This is a powerful and multi-functional IMAP software product which can meet the requirements of all types of customers.

Mozilla Thunderbird

This particular software product offers several packages. It means users can select which one meets their demands most of all. Analyzing the general functionality, we can conclude this app is a popular solution for those who don’t want to spend plenty of time on the too heartbreaking job with emails. It has a variety of safe and powerful options, allowing you to arrange letters. Besides, features are abundant, enabling you to speed up your work with the junk mails.


This software product has a free trial version. The price for the professional subscription is $13 per one month. Even so, the users consider the app is worth its price. You can download it either on Mac or iOS-based devices. There is a bunch of significant options, allowing you to boost your productivity with online letters. Its free version has a limited number of features. That is why if you wish to use all options of this software product, you should download the professional one. It enables you to block various tracking options, see how many times the email was read and even check the contact profiles (they are placed alongside emails).

How to choose a mail client for your MAC – words Alexa Wang


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