Best Smartwatches to Track Your Daily Activity

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After some thinking, you might have decided that it is time to get rid of your regular watch and aim higher. However, now you are facing a choice. Given how many smartwatches there are available in stores, it can be tricky to choose the best one for you.

Smartwatches you can buy come with many different features. The worst thing is that you will have to make some compromises and choose only one. Why? Because no smartwatch will satisfy all your needs and have all the fantastic functions.

Nevertheless, the most crucial factor in choosing the right smartwatch is its functionality. If you are looking for that specific watch that will allow you to track your daily routines easier, we have something for you. Without further ado, here is a list of smartwatches that are the best at tracking your daily activities.

Best Smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 6

If money isn’t an issue, buying a smartwatch with an iOS makes perfect sense. Websites such as CartBig are here to help you ensure that you choose the best option for your budget. You can easily find some helpful advice that will help you pick the best smartwatch for you.

Apple Watch Series 6 is the option that we consider to be the absolute best – but it’s also not the cheapest. It is worth noting that with the release of Watch Series 6, Apple has created a competition for their another watch — Apple Watch SE.

What Apple Watch SE lacks, though, are the fitness features that are present in Series 6, which has a heart rate and SpO2 blood oxygen sensors. With this watch’s precise heart rate monitor, you can check your pulse at any time.

You can also get this Apple watch in stainless steel versions, which are way better than aluminum ones that are the only option for the new Apple Watch SE. Additionally, both its Always On Display and sleep tracking functions work flawlessly. If and Apple watch is out of your budget then make sure to checkout a good range of affordable smartwatches on superwatches.

Fossil Sport

If you are looking for the best Wear OS smartwatch, you should look no further than this smartwatch created by Fossil. It will perfectly match your Android phone, but it’s compatible with both Android and iOS. This Wear OS watch can definitely be considered as one of the best.

Sharing features with some of the most expensive Wear OS-based watches (like, for example, TicWatch Pro 3 or Skagen Falster 3), it’s a great and affordable option. Additionally, it was one of the first smartwatches that featured Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset.

With its built-in GPS and battery life lasting for two days, you can safely rely on it. It also brings almost everything that you can find in Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch but is way cheaper. Its water resistance, heart rate monitor, and lightweight construction make it perfect for all sorts of health and fitness activities.

Fitbit Versa 3

Operating on Fitbit OS, this smartwatch is a friendly alternative to smartwatches based on Tizen OS or Wear OS. With its wonderful six-day battery life, this watch is an excellent choice for everyday wear and activity tracking.

Like the best smartwatches on the market, it provides all the useful features, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and mobile payments; it is also water-resistant. You can monitor your blood oxygen, give a voice command to your Google Assistant, and more!

Its intuitive design should fill Android users with love from the moment they set their eyes on it. The only competition for it in Fitbit watches is Fitbit Sense — probably the most expensive of the bunch. That’s saying a lot.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Considered by many as the best smartwatch for Android, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an excellent choice for fitness tracking and more. It brings many features to the table, with a heart rate monitor and remarkable battery life among them. Its thin bezel around the edge acts as a regular rotating bezel. For example, a model like Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, while having a standard rotating bezel, lacks in design what this watch brings.

Falling just short of 1 GB of RAM at 0.75 GB, it still manages to do its job without missing a beat. It has to rely on Samsung Pay, which, compared to Google Pay and Apple Pay, seems underwhelming. However, its health features seem like the most comprehensive of all.

You can easily get more than two days of battery life with this watch. Sleep monitoring, as well as workout tracking, are other great advantages worth noting.

Best Smartwatches


Now you probably at least have an idea what kind of watch will be best for you. Whether you choose Wear OS watches or go for another option, remember to take good care of your new gadget – all pieces of technology require some attention and care to last long and serve you well. If you want to monitor your heart rate as precisely as possible, you have to be respectful of the device tracking it.

Remember to also look out for special deals. Maybe you can get one of these models cheaper from a third party? Or perhaps there is a Black Friday on the way? Either way, any way to save some money is reasonable. Good luck and enjoy!


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