Features that your web page builder should have

Features a web page builder should have – words Al Woods

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In the age of the internet, having a website is a must. It doesn’t matter if you have a company, kickstarting your own business, or you want to start your own personal blog. One of the first things you’ll do is put everything about you in your website.

Before you start to feel overwhelmed, you don’t need a degree in programming to do that! The availability of best free website builders is vast, and it’s something you can do yourself. Which brings to an important point, what features should you be looking for in a web page builder before deciding to use it?

Features a Web Page Builder Should Have

A website builder is the best solution for the non-techy, as it gives you the flexibility to design your website from scratch based on your own preferences. A good web page builder will offer you with a strong list of features that makes your task so easy. That’s something you’ll realize whenever you check out any wix review and guide. The ease of use, the multitude of templates available, and every other solution it offers are all impressive.

Taking a leaf out their page, here’s a general overview about every feature you should be looking for in a web page builder:

1.   Easy to Use for the Non-Technical Person

Some web builders offer a simple drag-and-drop feature, which not only makes it so easy to use different functions, but you instantly take a look at the design and whether it fits. It’s really important that the page builder you use be simple to understand and use for the average person, otherwise what’s the use of it?

2.   Strong Library of Customizable Templates and Themes

The best web page builders have a decent library of dozens of templates and themes that you can use right away. The library is categorized based on function, so you should find templates for the header and footer, inserting a video builder, for your team CVs and info, for your services, form builders, maps, contact us form, and every other thing you need to include on your website. A decent builder will also make all of these template customizable so you can tweak them to your needs.

3.   Gallery

While there are times you’ll be using your own pictures and designs, there’s no doubt that you’ll need a gallery of pictures and videos to add life into your website. Having access to a gallery that’s diverse and comprehensive is one of the essential features in any builder.

4.   eCommerce Solutions

This is an important feature if your website will be showcasing your different products and services. You should be able to add your products easily through the back end, and your customers should find ease in ordering and purchasing your products. These solutions include adding more items to their carts, a checkout system, different payment methods, confirmation email, and emails for abandoned carts.

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5.   Blog Posts Tools

Having an active blog has been one of the best ways to keep your business up and running. From adding new posts to editing tools, customizing the roles and access of each member, embedding options, and the post design, you should look for blogging tools that will help you create the best content.

6.   Linking to Social Media

We can’t mention content creation without talking about the way you’ll be sharing it to your social media channels. You should be able to link your website to your different social media channels, enable link sharing, and add contact information for interested users.

7.   Simple Dashboard

What use would all of this be if the minute you go back-end, you feel all lost in the desert? Your dashboard as an admin should be very easy to understand and manage, and it shouldn’t get you more than a minute to figure out how to use it.

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8.   SEO Features

Features such as backlinks, keywords, meta description, and image tags are all important for your SEO and website ranking on google or other search engines. A good builder will make this an easier task for you.

9.   Website Analytics and Reporting Tools

The same goes for generating analytics and reports. You want to be able to measure, accurately, the performance of your site. You want to know what to improve and what is doing good of your pages, and having these tools will help you do just that.

10. Custom Domain

Being able to set up your own personal domain will give you a more professional look, which makes you more trustworthy for your clients and readers alike. Some builders offer you a custom domain name for extra fees, others don’t really give you that option. It’s important to do your research before sticking to one builder.

11.   Responsiveness of Different Devices

Lastly, you don’t want to spend so much time and effort perfecting your desktop-view site, just to realize it doesn’t look at all the same on mobile-view. The good builders give you the option to check both views while designing and constructing your website.

Choosing Your Web Page Builder

Creating your website the way you want it to doesn’t have to be a difficult or daunting task. There are many web page builders out there to help you do just that, with minimum technical requirements to use. Before you start using a certain builder, you’ll need to do some quick research to make sure all of the features you want is available. The most important of all, is to find a builder that provides you with ease, simplicity, and a lot of options to use.


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