How to future proof your home

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future proof your home

Smart home technology is growing and changing how homes are built. This kind of technology is expected to grow by about 50% by 2022. If you are thinking about future-proofing your home, then this is the right time to jump on the bandwagon because as time goes by, homes that are not future-proof will lose its value. This article details the changes that you can anticipate soon that are going to affect how homes function.

Invest in Making your Home Smart

The word smart is a boom word in the 21st century. Wherever you go, individuals and companies are taking their time to develop intelligent solutions that make work easier all round. In the home, smart solutions may include intelligent lighting control, investing in a smart speaker, and installing smart home security. While these technologies are nothing but luxuries in current times, they will be vital components of the home in the future.

If you are thinking of installing any smart devices in your home, then feel confident because this is precisely the time that you should be consulting home automation specialists in your area. You can start by taking small steps such as adding wiring conduits that will allow you to install technologies that you will need in the future. Whichever approach you take, smart solutions in the home will always work to your advantage.

Energy-Efficient Improvements

Replacing your current home appliances with energy-efficient options may need you to dig a little deep into your pockets today. However, in the long-term, your savings will offset your initial investments, which is a pleasing prospect if you think about it.

From blinds and curtain control to smart kitchen appliances, there are a lot of areas that could use energy-efficient solutions. One of the most desirable energy-efficient improvements that exist today is vinyl windows that are used in place of the old single-paned windows. The benefits of these windows are immense, including the advancement of energy efficiency. Moreover, they have a long lifespan of approximately 30 years. If you are looking for something that will give your home a facelift, then consider switching your windows for vinyl windows. These useful additions will improve the aesthetic appeal of your home while offering other benefits as well.

Deal with Internet Downtime

As of today, the internet plays a crucial role in almost every sphere of life. It, therefore, pays to prepare for downtime in the future as more gadgets will be connected to the internet, and this might affect the home’s functionality. Most homes rely on a router for their internet needs, but what happens when there is downtime? Some companies have specialized in offering solutions for such scenarios. They combine Ethernet, 3G, and 4G networks and even have Wi-Fi within their home to form a unified, streamlined connection. As such, when there is downtime, you can simply use the other links as a backup. Investing in such connections to combat downtime in the future is a necessity.

home future tech

Electric Cars and Chargers

Electric cars are good for the environment because they minimize greenhouse gas emissions. As we move into the future, the use of these cars is going to become a commonplace. It is estimated that by 2040, the US alone will be having approximately 41 million electric vehicles on the road. Further, this type of car will be cheaper to own than gas-powered alternatives. If you want to be part of this trend, this is the time to make a move. You will need a charging port to charge your car in the future. Besides, how cool would it be not to worry about gas anymore?

Consider the Aging Population

The baby boomers are aging, and now is the time to start considering them as you attempt to model a home fit for the future. In your quest, think of how you can utilize extra space now and in the future. Adaptable living spaces can accommodate changes as the population ages. Also, a carefully planned house with adequate space can be beneficial for the use of technologies such as virtual reality.

New technologies are developing every day. However, what is most important now is your willingness to embrace it as the world continues to integrate with technology. There are many ways that you can future proof your home. However, what we have compiled here are some of the best ways you can start. Over time, you can achieve more, giving your home a modern look and feel while increasing its value over time.


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