The 5 best technologies and apps that can help in parenting

words Al Woods

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted. It’s one busy job that entails juggling between family, career and day-to-day living. Often branded as every parent’s worst enemy, technology can be an absolute saviour. It has truly changed the way we communicate, interact and for a parent, it has vast benefits for the kids too.

Be it in summoning everyone around the dinner table, keeping a tab on your kids through a location tracker or making sure you are on top of everyone’s meds, technology makes life a bit easier. Below are 5 apps and technologies that can be used to make parenting a fun and invigorating experience;

parenting apps
  • TEMI PERSONAL ROBOT. Temi personal robot is the world’s first mobile, personal robot for your home or office. It looks more like a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a state of the art AI, a computer, systems of sensors and cameras that connect smart home devices, online content and video communications. This makes the robots hands-free with everything being harnessed by the power of the voice. The Temi personal robot has been reported to improve parenting and helps in navigating daily tasks without the presence of the parent. Moreover, the robot helps kids keep in touch with their parents and friends.
  • FAMISAFE PARENTAL CONTROL APP. As a parent, technology can feel like a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s a resource and entertainment point for the kids but prolonged screen time can lead to negative effects to the kids such as poor eyesight, bad posture, physical inactivity just to name a few. FamiSafe is a parental control software that assists parents to monitor the kid’s online activities from emails, text messages, social media platforms and other mobile functions. The app allows for the parents to simply black out the kid’s screen at any given moment. The app can protect kids from the dangers of the internet such as cyberbullying and sexual predators by giving alerts to the parents. Additionally, FamiSafe lets the parents know the exact position of their kids through the  Locationtracker. The app is equipped with a GPS that documents the locationtracking in real-time.
  • TYTOCARE EXAM KIT. There is nothing as frustrating as spending the whole day in the ER with ailing kids. Tytocare exam kits come in handy as it allows the doctor to examine your kid remotely. This means you get to stay in the comfort of your home rather than make long queues in often germ-filled waiting rooms. This home kit and app is designed to carry out a medical exam on your kid with the guidance of a physician in real-time. The parent can receive a diagnosis, a treatment plan and a prescription without leaving the house.
  • FIGURE8 CARPOOLING APP. After-school activities are great for children but it can be a daunting task for a parent especially if they have more than one child. Figure8 carpooling app was founded by such a frustrated parent and it allows parents to form carpool communities. Parents can communicate through the app in regards to the pickups and drop-offs changes. The app can be integrated into the school curriculum to allow for better and more efficient time management.
  • BRIGHT PARENTING. Parenting can be hard at times and there are certain days when you just feel you want to unplug. Bright parenting is an app that gives parents a little pick-me-up. The app sends daily parenting tips or lessons through notifications on how to tackle different tough situations. The app is reported to help improve the parent-child relationship and foster positive communication.


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