Hacks to make your house slip-free

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slip free home

One of the leading causes of home injuries are slip and falls. Although any member of the family can be a victim of this, the chance is higher for elderly people especially people older than 65 years. According to data reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the annual cost of adult non-fatal fall injuries is about $50 billion. Nonfamily members, guests, could also slip and fall while visiting.

The bathroom is a major slip and falls center in the home, contributing not less than 70% of falls in the home. Bathroom slip and falls are also usually more fatal. Besides the bathroom, slip and falls can happen anywhere in the home. The type of floor in the home contributes significantly to the tendency and frequency of falls in the home. Homes with children have been found to have a higher chance of slip and falls. Children are more susceptible to spilling fluid on the floor and usually don’t dry them especially in the case of very young children, this spilled fluid raises the chance of slip and falls in the home.

There are different types of flooring. This includes Vinyl, cork, rubber, Linoleum, and hybrid. All of these floors have their pros and cons but the hybrid is getting very popular due to being slip-free. You may visit this site to browse the different types of hybrid floors available in the market. Hybrid floors come in different ranges that are very stylish and beautiful to behold. Slip and falls happen every day in several homes and could result in fatal injuries. Therefore, it is important to have things in place that would reduce the occurrence of slip and falls in the home.

Remove Clutter

A neat and organized home will see a far lesser occurrence of slip and falls. Therefore, commit yourself to clean up all the clutter in your house. Ensure everything in your house has its place and is always returned after use. If you have children, you must ensure toys are not lying carelessly around the house. This function can be a tedious one to keep up with hence the need to involve every adult in the home. A roaster that says who cleans the house perhaps daily will be helpful. All members of the family should also be encouraged to return accessories in the house to their designated places after use. This way, cleaning up the home will be less stressful.

Sufficient Lighting

A house that is not well illuminated has a higher chance of slip and falls. Although it’s our house and we can work blindfolded in it without falling. This is only possible on the assumption that things in the house are in their proper place. Just a little change can be very dangerous. Family members may fall if the fluid is on the floor of the house and the house is not well illuminated to make it visible.

Install bright lights in key places in the house and place switches where they can be easily located even in the dark.


If your house has stairs, a functional hack to prevent slip and falls is to install handrails. The handrails should be on both sides of the stair and must be firm. Elders and children should be advised to always use handrails.

Grab Bars

Since lots of slip and falls happen in the bathroom, it is vital to have useful hacks in place. Install grab bars in your bathroom to keep you from slipping when stepping in or out of your tub. Elders may even need bars they can lean on as they use the bathroom.


Slip Free

To be safe from slip and falls in your home, use slippers. Slippers provide necessary traction in homes with highly polished floors. There are a variety of comfortable slippers adapted for indoor purposes you can pick from.

Add Friction To Slippery Floors

Floors of Bathroom and kitchen are usually slippery. Since lots of water is used in these rooms, the floors become even more dangerous when water spills on the floor. Add friction by getting non-slip mats for these floors to be safer.

Mop Floor Immediately In Case Of Fluid Spill Or Splash

Often, we postpone mopping a wet floor until we stand up from where we are. This is dangerous; you will forget in no time and before you remember, if you remember at all, a member of the family who wasn’t aware of the fluid could have slipped and fell. Therefore, make sure you mop the floor immediately in case of fluid spilling or splashing.

Your safety and that of every member of your family is priceless. Implement the hacks listed above to reduce the incidence of slip and falls in your house. It is worth all the time and energy you can give it.


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