Top 6 Most Popular Smart Home Devices In 2022

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Technology has made numerous transformations in every sector of human life. For instance, you can now install smart home devices and manage your home remotely. These gadgets are also more convenient and efficient than the traditional ones. Additionally, you can realize significant cost savings by using them. The list of benefits goes on.

With that in mind, below is a list of the most popular smart home devices you should consider installing in your home:

Popular Smart Home Devices

AV Controls

With an automated Audio-Visual (AV) control system, you’re able to manage movies and music from any place in your home. You can have screens and speakers not only in your living room but also in the bedroom, kitchen, and any other room. This way, you can pause a movie while in the living room and resume watching it in the bedroom.

Given its technical nature, installing an AV control system should be done by professionals. So, consider hiring a residential AV installer to help you with the installation.

Smart Bulb

A smart bulb is one of the most commonly used devices among homeowners. It primarily uses Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone. This enables you to switch it on or off wherever corner of your house you are. However, these models only work when you’re at home––Bluetooth devices can’t connect if the physical distance between them surpasses the maximum design range.

Other smart bulbs use wireless technology to link with your phone, enabling you to manage it with an app. This allows you to control any bulb remotely. In case you forget to turn off the light while leaving your house and remember while at your workplace, you can turn them off using the app on your phone. This helps you save on energy bills. With a smart bulb, you can also adjust the brightness and even change the colors of your light.

Here are some advantages of using smart bulbs:

  • Easy to install
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Saves on energy
  • Cost-effective

Smart Locks

Smart home locks are a must-have if your main concern is security. You can get instant alerts whenever a burglar tries to break into your home. This enables you to notify security personnel in good time so they can go to your home and stop the break-in.

Some smart locks allow you to issue voice commands through a phone app. With the app, you can also lock and unlock your door remotely from any location. This means you can allow entry to any visitors or family members who lost or forgot their keys.

Popular Smart Home Devices

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are also called virtual assistants because you can control them with your voice. They enable you to perform different tasks, such as making orders online.

Smart speakers primarily work using voice recognition. The voice recognition decodes the speech and transmits feedback to the smart speaker. The following are some reasons why you’d want to install smart speakers in your home:

  • They prevent you from feeling so lonely, especially when you’re alone at home
  • You can program them to give you daily reminders on important tasks you plan to accomplish
  • They increase the sound quality of your home


A smart thermostat uses wireless technology to connect to your phone, enabling you to control it using an app. With a smart thermostat, you can heat or cool your home from any location.  For instance, during winter, you can turn it on when you’re about to leave your workplace. This way, you get home when the indoor temperatures are comfortable.

The ability to control them remotely makes smart thermostats very convenient. This also reduces your energy bills and allows you to track your energy usage.

Smoke Detector

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Smart smoke detectors sense fire by monitoring air particles in your home. If the air particles exceed a particular threshold, the alarm goes off. This enables you and your family to run for safety and inform firefighters in time.

You can also connect smart smoke detectors with your phone. In case your house fills up with smoke and you’re away, you get notification on the phone app. This is a great advantage since you can still take the necessary action to save lives and property despite not being at home.

Compared to standard detectors, smart smoke detectors are more efficient. They have heat detectors that sense a rise in temperature even if there’s no smoke. Also, they’re ultra-sensitive and can inhibit false alarms. What’s more, smart smoke detectors can direct you to the fire’s exact origin.


With the world going digital, you wouldn’t want to be left behind. You need to modernize your home by installing smart home devices. As outlined above, they’re beneficial in many ways. So, make a plan on upgrading your home with these technological gadgets. The good thing is that you can install them one by one, so you don’t have to stress over high-cost implications. For the best results, make sure to enlist professional help.


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