Moving Tips: Setting Up Utilities, Cable, and Your Internet

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Setting Up Utilities

Moving to a new house can be a very stressful time, especially if you do not understand the process of changing your water, gas, and electricity bills, as well as installing cable television and your internet. This page will tell you exactly how to set up your utilities, cable, and internet after you have moved to a new house.

The entire moving process is extremely laborious and time-consuming, but with guides like this, you will be able to cut down on the amount of time you spend reading the theory of things and get straight into the practical. In many cases, it is best to change your utilities before you have moved house, as many of them can take a few weeks to become active, so by doing them beforehand, you prepare for when you move in so that everything is ready and waiting for you.

Here are a few moving tips for setting up utilities, cable, and your internet.


Your utilities are the most important thing that you will need to set up, so it is only natural that they appear first on our list. Utilities range from electric to hot water and are essential parts of your home that you will be unable to live without. You may even want to go sustainable? Here are how to manage them individually:


Your water bill is separate from your hot water. They are two different bills that will be managed by two different companies, as you will probably already know. Your water should be changed before moving so that the house (providing it has not been used) can have the water supply turned on. If it was already functioning as a home, then the water supply may still be switched on and it may be connected to the board. If it is not, however, then you should, of course, phone to have it turned on immediately.


Gas, or hot water, is how you will heat your home, cook, and wash. Your gas can be turned on at any point, but again, it is better to have it done beforehand. It simply requires a gas technician from your local gas company to be dispatched to examine the home and make sure the gas is in working order, then simply turn a valve and connect it to the gas pipes that will run underneath your home.


Electricity, similarly to gas, can be turned on at any point and will work immediately, but it is best to do it beforehand to minimize the amount of time that you have to wait for a technician to be deployed. As soon as you are certain you will be moving into an address, request the electric company who provides for that address go there and turn on the electric. Having no electricity in your new home can be a nightmare, so it is important to get it sorted as quickly as possible to prevent having to live in the dark like a vampire.

Whether you need some electrical repair in your old property to comply with the lease agreement or you need an electrician to install a new electrical system in your new address, make sure to choose the right electrician for you. You can search for the right electrician by finding one online–type in ‘electricity company near me’ to come up with local search engine results. 

Make sure to check if the company is offering 24/7 emergency services. You might want to have a one-stop electrical company to handle everything–from installation to repair and preventive maintenance. Only deal with qualified electricians with years of experience handling residential electrical systems.  


Setting up your television is going to be the thing that most people will want to do immediately. There are a few options you should consider when moving to a new house, for example, cutting the cord, or going wired.

Cutting the Cord

Cutting the cord is essentially just using unwired television; aerials, to be precise. The professionals of say that using an antenna can be a great way of budgeting. When moving house, budgeting is something that is crucial, as it will often suck up all of your savings and resources and leave you with very little money. Deciding to go cordless and use a TV antenna could be one of the best decisions that you will ever make, so certainly consider it.

Wired TV

Wired TV, or cable, is the method most people favor nowadays. You should contact your cable provider a few weeks in advance so that they can change the cable to your new address and have it working on your arrival. Cable television can help you to feel at home in your new house and will comfort you.

moving tips


Moving to a new home may mean having to change internet service providers. If your service provider has a weak signal in the area you are moving to, then you should consider changing to the most powerful connection in the area. You should do this a few weeks beforehand so that the day that you move in your internet connection is working and you can take plenty of pictures and videos of your new place and send them to your family.

Now you know how to set up your utilities, television, and internet when moving home. Adhere strictly to this guide and the whole process should be a breeze. Moving home is a lot of fun, providing you get the difficult chores out of the way first.


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