NAD+ Treatment for Mitochondrial Dysfunction

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A cell is a complex system that lives according to its own rules. The organization of the cell is complex and multifaceted for the proper functioning of the organelles. The components of the cell must be in harmony, while each must perform its unique function in a timely and complete manner.

And only one structure – mitochondria – has a number of specific tasks. For almost 150 years, mitochondria that was discovered in the middle of the 19th century, was considered the cell’s energy station exclusively.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Indeed, the primary function of mitochondria is to convert nutrients into usable energy using oxygen molecules – the synthesis of ATP molecules.  This process of generating energy within the cell is known as cellular respiration. The body uses the energy of ATP, spending it on the conduction of a nerve signal, muscle contraction, the formation of heat, the synthesis of the necessary cellular components, the destruction of unnecessary substances, etc. Certain factors may affect the function of mitochondria and cause dysfunction. In this case, the best way to restore functions is to use NAD+ therapy in Manhattan here.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction: What Is It and Why Does It Happen?

With age, mitochondrial function progressively deteriorates. Mitochondria lose their respiratory activity, damage builds up in their mitochondrial DNA, and excessive amounts of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) are produced. On average, between the ages of 30 and 70, mitochondrial function deteriorates by 25-30%.

What is the cause of mitochondrial dysfunction? The answer, as always, lies on the surface: mitochondrial dysfunction is the cause of life itself.

Heredity, solar activity, polluted air of big cities, improper and unbalanced diet, bad habits, physical inactivity, stress – all this leads to the fact that the smallest, but at the same time so important, components of our body, mitochondria suffer.

Of course, aging is inevitable. But our biological age can be very different from chronological, and mitochondria have much in common with biological aging. In addition, the rate of biological aging can vary significantly from person to person.

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How Does Mitochondrial Dysfunction Affect the Life Quality?

The lack of energy is primarily reflected in our general well-being. We often need a break when doing the usual things—a persistent feeling of weakness even after drinking coffee. People with mitochondrial dysfunction experience increased anxiety, irritability, and sleep disorder. The consequences of all this are reflected in the appearance. The skin becomes tired, dull, and thinned. The face becomes grayish, circles under the eyes are visible, and skin irritations appear. Health gradually deteriorates. People start to get sick more often, especially in a chronic form. Signs of aging are becoming more and more noticeable – the body is aging faster.

Energy deficiency syndrome affects your physical activity.  Cellular energy deficiency also results in poor nutrient absorption. This dramatically affects the effectiveness of the chosen diet. In addition, the inability to efficiently assimilate the necessary chemical elements leads to complex consequences for the body.

How to Treat Mitochondrial Dysfunction?

It’s possible to restore mitochondrial function with the help of NAD + therapy. NAD is a coenzyme (niacin) that derives from B3 Vitamin. It has a positive effect on health. If you need to replenish levels of NAD+, you can do this via IV drip therapy, which is known as the most effective way to deliver NAD+. It’ll be delivered to your bloodstream directly to your body cells. Experts from Advanced Cryo NYC recommend passing through regular sessions of NAD+ to improve the biogenesis of mitochondria.


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