The Comeback of the Flower “Chintz” Pattern and How to Add it to Your Wardrobe

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Chintz fashion

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Your grandmother’s butterfly-adorned tablecloth has never been so stylish. In fact, she could probably give you a lesson in how to wear this fabric, considering its popularity peaked in the 60s and 70s.

In its earliest form, chintz was made from Indian hued calico, crafted together by loose material. Since then, it’s become the envy of the aristocrats and the fashionable.

Fashion Week: The Return of Chintz

The busy botanical flower designs we’re so used to seeing in home interiors is creeping its way back into fashion. Top Italian designers and brands decided to showcase the floral patterns, which are typically found in the spring months, during their autumn/winter fashion shows.

Popular spring and summer flowers, like Valentine’s Day red roses (found here), littered the catwalk during the Chelsea Flower Show. Johnny Coca, the creative director for Mulberry, stated that he wanted to use bright colors and classic prints to create unpredicted depth.

Rochas own Alessandro Dell’Acqua described the prints as “feminine and brings freshness and a great attitude to the silhouette.” He goes on to say that chintz gives the sophisticated woman a cool aesthetic feel and an eccentricity that can only be found by layering bright floral prints.

How to Add Chintz to Your Wardrobe

There are plenty of ways to wear and accessorize chintz. For example, men and women can add a Waltham pocket watch to the inside of their chintz embroidered blazer or suit coat.

At the Office

Wearing chintz at work is tempting because it provides an offbeat clash to the grey walls and beige cubicles of a traditional office. A sheer baby-doll dress won’t be out of place in the office as long as you layer it with a tailored gingham blouse with ruffled sleeves.

Women should pair chintz office looks with a makeup-less face, while men would look smart with a beard. Men are becoming more comfortable with wearing flowered suits, ties, socks, button-ups, and shoes. Men would make a statement walking in with a suit made out of flowers.

At the Mall

Is it possible to dress down a pattern as loud as chintz? We think so, but you need to do so carefully. As chintz is the perfect example of maximalism, you’ll need to focus on patterns that are more spacious and leave a lot of white or black space to avoid being too loud.

Locate comfortable clothing that you’d typically find in any wardrobe, like t-shirts, trousers, and skirts, and find chintz patterned versions of these staples. Only pick one chintz-patterned type of clothing and pair it with a neutral. For example, pick black trousers and a chintz blouse.

At the Boardwalk

Since chintz is now a winter fashion staple, why not go really bold and try wearing a chintz coat? If you live in a climate with a lot of snow, you’ll stand out against the white landscape. While you will need to be brave to pull this off, you’ll undoubtedly be the target for a lot of envious looks.

Men can wear chintz leather jackets that either cut at the beltline or sink below the butt for more warmth. Women should always pick a floor-length chintz coat, as it will look like a long dress straight out of the 1700s. Red and black chintz jackets are the most chic, but blue also works.

Adding chintz to your wardrobe may sound like an impossible feat. After all, its loud factor is off the charts. However, with a bit of tweaking, anyone can wear this unique and stylish fabric.



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