It’s time for a wardrobe change

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It’s good to mix up your style from time to time. It gives you that fresh feeling, almost as if you’re reinventing yourself. But when it comes to a wardrobe change, we can often feel a little self conscious and insecure. We see all of these different styles that we like the look of, but as soon as it comes to putting them on, it’s a whole new story.

We see ourselves as horrible in them, just because it’s something out of the ordinary. And we wish we could be that one friend that we all seem to have, the one who can put anything at all on, and look totally amazing in it. But when you don’t see yourself as that person, updating your wardrobe is going to be an absolute nightmare. Whether it be for the reason we’ve given, or because you find it so hard to part ways with the cash. But either way, this article is going to try and change your ways of thinking. We want you to love your wardrobe, and feel confident in everything that you’re wearing. So, all you have to do is keep on reading, and we’ll show you what sort of a wardrobe change you need to go for.

time for a wardrobe change

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Changing It Without A Big Budget

One of the reasons why we don’t update our wardrobes for so long, is because we don’t want to spend the money on it. It feels like we’re spending so much money on other things in life, so when it comes to clothes, the budget is wearing thin. Buying just one new thing is a special treat. So to save yourself some money, you should have a look at websites such as Ebay, because you can save so much money buying things second hand from there. And second hand might just mean that someone has bought it, taken the tag off without seeing it fitted, and realised it doesn’t but are not able to return it. So that one trying on time is classed as second hand, and people are selling really good branded clothes for next to nothing. So, don’t always feel like you’re going to have to break the bank!

Simple But Effective

If you don’t like going out of your comfort zone, then you need to go for the simple but effective looks. Considering the seasons are changing now, thinking about warmth is key. For men, a nice jacket can go such a long way, it can change an outfit from being a bit boring, to being super stylish. Check out brands such as comme des garçons, they have some excellent jackets that would be perfect for winter. The same goes for women, a coat can completely change the whole outfit. All you need is some skinny jeans, and a long line coat to go over the top of your choice, and you can turn from a basic look to a sassy one in no time. Shoes also define a look. For men, a really smart pair of trainers is so eye catching, and for women, a really nice pair of boots has the same effect. But it all depends on the outfit and what look you’re going for!

Dressing Up

You’re either going to love dressing up for a special event, or it’s going to be something you truly hate. For those of you who hate it, you just need to find a style that suits you. For men, muscle fit shirts are definitely the answer. They fit to your body so well, as long as you get the right size, and they’re so much better than a regular shirt. For women, it has to be a bodycon dress. They’re figuring hugging and can show off your best features. But if figure hugging is not what you’re looking for, then a flowing skirt with a bodysuit is the answer. It’s a simple and pretty look that can make any girl feel confident. It’s also important to check out your look so you might want to visit hollywood mirrors for a glamourous way to check yourself out.

Pushing The Boat Out

Finally, we want to try and change your mind about pushing the boat out a little. As we said, it’s so easy to think that certain styles don’t suit you, but that’s only because it’s easy to get self conscious when you’re out of your comfort zone. But fashion should be all about getting out of your comfort zone and finding something new, because you never know what confidence it might give you. So, next time you go shopping for something new, buy just one item that you wouldn’t usually wear. If you really don’t like it, make sure you don’t take the tag off, but at least give it a day of wearing it around the house to see!


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