Organise your office Christmas party with a difference

Organise your office Christmas party with a difference – words Al Woods

With Halloween out of the way, it’s finally an appropriate time to start thinking about Christmas. If you are looking to treat your employees to a memorable Christmas party, there are many different options at your fingertips.

A Christmas dinner is a popular and traditional option, but there are a number of alternative options which will bring your team together. Here we take a look at some possibilities to help you organise your office Christmas party with a difference.


Set the season off with a bounce

Trampoline corporate events are rising in popularity, as they are a great way to create a truly memorable event. If you are looking to break down barriers and do something out of the box, trampolining is an excellent alternative to the usual meal and drinks. A large trampoline park is easy to book for your whole company and many have refreshments areas available on site to give you all a chance to unwind and let your hair down.

Get to know your neighbours

If you are a small company or a business with lots of connections, a shared Christmas party could be a great option. Why not invite your neighbours or those who you regularly do business with, hire a large venue and throw a large and extravagant party? This is a great way of boosting your profile and building new connections, without having to fork out for the full bill.

The time for giving

If your company usually throws an expensive party, try something a little different and raise money for charity. There are numerous possibilities, you could swap the big party for more of a low key affair and instead donate the budget to your chosen charity, or turn the event into a fundraiser. Popular options are casino and auction nights, which are fun, sociable and raise money for great causes.

An unusual theme

If your team are set on a traditional Christmas meal, a great way to add an alternative twist is to bring in a theme. Try to think outside the box with your office Christmas party themes; a Christmas murder mystery is the perfect way to get everyone talking. Keep it based around Christmas by asking everyone to wear Christmas jumpers, or add glamour by adding a masquerade theme. Likewise, travel to a different era and use the roaring 1920s as a unique theme for your big night. Something different to have at a birthday party would be to hire a virtual reality headset from VR hire.

Take a break

If you have a small team, head away for a night somewhere exciting. There are many cities around the UK which are just a short drive or train journey away. A trip could involve a nice meal alongside a visit to something Christmas related, such as a Christmas market or even a show. It is a great way to help a small team bond and will certainly be memorable. By booking tickets and accommodation well in advance, it can often be an economical alternative to an expensive meal at your local restaurant.

Skate into Christmas

If you are lucky enough to have a local ice rink, chances are they have some great Christmas themed nights. Ice skating is a chance for employees to put on their woolly hats, have fun and step out of their comfort zone. Many cities will also have pop up ice rinks in the city centre, which can be hired for a period of time. You could book the place and let your staff have some fun on the ice together.

Organise your office Christmas party with a difference – words Al Woods


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