8 Things Needed to Open Up Your Own Photography Studio

words Al Woods

Have you decided that you want to open up your own photography studio and make some extra money? If you plan on doing so, there are a few things you’ll need. It might be challenging to purchase everything at once.

Therefore, you have to determine what you need right away to be successful and what can wait a little while. If you don’t take the time to plan your studio’s opening properly, you can expect to lose your investment as it will most likely fail. Here are some things that are needed to open up your own photography studio.

Own Photo Studio

Quality backdrops

One of the common shots taken in photography is headshots. Many different industries require a person to take headshots. Therefore, catering your studio to this when it first opens up is a good idea. To take a good headshot, you’ll need to have a variety of different backdrops such as katebackdrop that can cater to your client’s wishes. Actors might want a dark backdrop, while people involved in a business might go for something like a bookcase in the background. Regardless of what you plan on getting, you want to ensure that the backdrop is of good quality. The experts at Just Vision It suggest getting a variety of different backdrops, as it can give you and your clients more options. At the end of the day, it’s about making your clients happy and giving them the freedom to have their photos taken the way they want. If you don’t have multiple quality backdrops, you aren’t going to succeed in the business.

Adjustable lighting

The next thing you’re going to need in your studio is a set of adjustable lights. You have to be able to capture people’s faces naturally. Lights will allow you to do it, as it can help with camera focus and bring out detail where you need it. Start with a simple set of lights, and then look to add more and different types of lights as you expand. They are completely necessary for building your studio.

A studio space

You’re going to need space itself to open up your studio. What you plan on doing as a photographer will directly affect the type of space you need. Do you plan on sticking to headshots and shots of that variety? If that’s the case, you won’t need a large space, and you might even be able to turn a room in your current home into a studio. If you have the money, getting a professional space is always a good idea, as it gives you room for expansion and allows you to take a variety of different shots. The most successful photo studios can cater to a client’s needs and take photos the way they want them done like those set-up by Photo Studio Calgary. You might only be able to start with a small room in your home, but with enough hard work, you can grow the space into something far greater.

A laptop for editing

What sets aside the professional photographers from the amateurs is that they take the time to edit the photos afterward. We aren’t talking about Photoshop and changing the figure of the person. Instead, we’re talking about manipulating the lighting and smoothing out any rough edges. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there will be some light that interferes with the shot, or the client might have a zit or a temporary blemish on their face that they want to be eliminated. Having a laptop that can eliminate all of these things will ensure that your photos are high-quality and that your customer enjoys them.

A tripod

For headshots and still photos, you shouldn’t be taking them holding the camera. One small little movement from your hands can change the entire dynamic of the photo. Getting a tripod can allow you to perfect the shot’s angle and ensure that it’s just as you want it. Basic tripods aren’t too expensive, either, meaning it’s something you should definitely invest in for your studio.

A client base

Whenever you’re planning to open up your own business, you should first ensure that you have people interested in the service that you provide. Before you open up the business, you should ask around to see if people are interested in headshots. You can also offer a small sample size of your services for free to help introduce yourself to people. Exposure is important when you’re first starting out, and without clients coming to your studio, you won’t be making any money.

Own Photography Studio


Besides offering your services out to people at a discounted rate, you should also look to advertise in your area. How can you go about doing this? You can look to take out a spot in your local newspaper or place an ad on the radio. One of the most successful advertising methods would be to create a social media account and pay for advertisements on the platform. These advertisements can be made location-sensitive, meaning that only people in the area will be able to see them. Advertising will help introduce more people to your business, giving you the best possible chance to grow as a company.


Finally, if you’re planning on doing fun types of shoots such as weddings, for example, you might want to have a few props on hand. These can enhance the photo for your clients and improve the overall experience. You don’t have to get tons of props or spend a lot of money here, so choose wisely. Who doesn’t love taking fun photos with props?

These are all things you should consider getting if you plan on opening up your own photography studio. Just like any business, it might start off slow, but with enough advertising and quality work, you can slowly grow. Make sure you invest in your business, so that you’re constantly improving your clients’ experience. What type of camera do you have for photo shoots?


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