How to make the most of your virtual Valentine’s

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Swap your high heels for slippers this Valentine’s as lockdown means that date night is going to look very different to what you’re probably used to. However, that doesn’t mean you should cancel any celebrations altogether.

You can still organise the perfect date night at home, even if you’re currently living apart from your significant other during lockdown 3.0. Here are some ideas to make the most of your virtual Valentine’s.

virtual Valentine

1.    Host dinner over Zoom

Cooking at home is the next best thing when you can’t book a table for two at a restaurant. So, recreate the dining experience by preparing a dish together over video call, complete with candles and decorative petals. Or you could forego the planning altogether and buy a DIY meal kit from your favourite restaurant. The bonus to this idea is that these kits are typically created for two people, giving you at least two dinners, depending on how large your portions are. And of course, you can’t forget the drinks. Choose your favourite cocktails and try making them yourself at home, challenging each other to create the fanciest-looking drink. If you find yourself accidentally out of booze, or you’ve missed any key ingredients from your shopping list, drinks delivery services like Drinks House 247 can deliver to your door in under 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose a selection of cocktails that have been pre-blended by professional bartenders to be delivered to your door. The Bottled Bartender, for example, allows you to choose your cocktails by spirit, or buy a selection pack if you simply can’t choose. You can either choose cocktails for yourself, or surprise your other half with a box of delicious beverages for them to enjoy.

2.    Send a thoughtful gift

There are still ways to spoil your partner virtually, and you could consider sending them a Valentine’s gift in the post to open during your date. This could be flowers, chocolates, or baked treats — the possibilities are endless. You could even make your gift a little more personal by creating a care package filled with their favourite things. Include food and drink such as sweets, biscuits, and alcohol, as well as self-care items such as shower and bath products, and scented candles. If you’ve accidentally left it to the last minute, order them a gift subscription instead. These are literally the gifts that keep on giving as you can purchase a rolling subscription for treats to be sent straight to their door every month. There are plenty of options available, including houseplants, wine, books, and much more.

virtual date

3.    Play games together

If you’re a couple who loves to play games together, you can still do this virtually. For example, you could get involved with a virtual game of Monopoly, connect via HouseParty for activities such as trivia rounds and heads up, or play video games if you both have consoles. These are great ways of keeping your date light and fun, so get your gaming cap on and be ready to let your competitive streak out!

4.    Watch a film together on Netflix party

A lot of date night ideas can be recreated at home, including the cinema. You may think this will be difficult as you can’t see each other physically, but you can sync up your Netflix screens using Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that’s very easy to set up. Choose one of your favourite films or something new, or try a TV series, which can then become a recurring date during lockdown as you keep up with new episodes. Give the night the full cinematic experience by dimming the lights, getting cosy underneath a blanket, and making some popcorn to munch on.

5.    Dress up

Complete your virtual Valentine’s by dressing up as you would for a regular date —you might as well make the most of the occasion. After all, you wouldn’t turn up to a date wearing joggers, even though we’ve become quite accustomed to lounging out in leisurewear recently. Even over video call, getting dressed up will boost your confidence and make the date more fun. Wear your favourite outfit, or that item you ordered optimistically for after lockdown. Style your hair and pick a great accessory and you’re all set for your perfect virtual Valentine’s.


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