4 tips to help turn your passion for fitness into a career

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If you asked several of your closest friends to come up with adjectives to describe you, they would probably say things like “fitness junkie,” “health nut,” “super fit” and “healthy eater.”

As a devoted fan of fitness, you wouldn’t disagree with any of these descriptions — you genuinely enjoy strengthening and conditioning and like to inspire others to get up and get moving.

In fact, you are so devoted to fitness, you have found yourself day dreaming about turning your passion for fitness into a career. There are actually many high paying careers in health and fitness. Fortunately, with some hard work and determination it is more than possible to do this; check out the following tips:

Start a Fitness Blog

Prior to launching an actual fitness business, Physical Culture Study suggests starting a blog and boosting your presence on social media. Blog about topics that interest you and that also pertain to your future career goals; for example, if you want to be a personal trainer, share workouts that you love to do, post before and after photos of how exercising helped improve your physique and post healthy recipes for simple meals on your social media pages. There are many types of fitness careers and the more you get your name out there prior to launching your career in fitness, the more likely you will be to get clients and be successful.

Hone the Skills that are Needed to Start a Business

To turn your love of fitness into a career, you will need more than a passion for exercise. You will have to have some tangible business skills. Amway stresses that, in order for business owners to be successful in pursuing their dreams, they must be adept at working with people, knowledgeable about boosting sales, effective communicators and they must have leadership skills. To work on these skills, join local small business networking groups and Google business seminars that can help teach you any of the business-related talents you might currently be lacking.

Look for Internship Opportunities

One of the best ways to get into the fitness industry is by doing an apprenticeship or internship. These programs typically last between two and six months, and can give you needed experience, as well as let you see if you truly want to launch a new career in the industry. Internships and apprenticeships will also help you to learn from experts in the field who already have established their careers. As a bonus, most internships do not cost you any money, and will provide you with great experience and learning opportunities without paying tuition to a certification program.

Start by Offering Personal Training

Many gyms offer personal training for their clients, and some personal trainers essentially work as freelancers, working one-on-one with clients in their home. This is one of the many rewarding jobs in the fitness and nutrition industry. To get started in your new career, you might consider moonlighting as a personal trainer on evenings and weekends, you can even do courses to help you become a Personal Trainer with companies like discovery personal training. Perhaps you can go to Boston and start your career as a personal trainer in the city. You can check this article about The Best Place to be a Personal Trainer is Boston, MA and learn why it’s more advantageous to pursue your fitness career there.

This way you can keep your regular job until your new career takes off while still fulfilling your passion for fitness and helping others to be more healthy. Spread the word among your friends, family, co-workers and on social media that you are offering personal training services; once you have a couple of clients signed up, purchase some needed equipment like small weights, fitness mats and kettle bells and customize workouts for each person. Ask permission to post before and after photos of their progress on your blog and social media; their great results should help you to get more clients.

It is more than possible to channel your passion for fitness into a new and rewarding career. By working on any business related skills and getting your name out there through a blog and social media, to considering an internship and freelancing as a personal trainer, you will be well on your way to channeling your labor of love into a thriving new job.


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