Best ways to protect your startup company against cyber threats

Best ways to protect your startup company against cyber threats – words Al Woods

If you own a startup, you might think that no hacker will ever want to target it. Because who would care about a small business, right? Wrong. Recent studies have shown that more than 40% of cyber-crime has been perpetrated against small companies.

Also, over 60% of the affected ones go out of business in six months’ time. Cyber security must play the most important role in the prevention and fight against all types of cyber threats. Especially considering just how many such issues have been reported in recent years.

Hacker threats continue to be a major problem for many of us computer owners. Now more than ever, we need to pay very close attention to how we approach device security. After all, we keep lots of important files and whatnot on them. When we throw caution to the winds, we risk losing said data that we might not even retrieve in the end. Not unless we pay a ransom. Let’s see what you can do to protect your startup company from hacker attacks.


1. Install strong protection

Having reliable security solutions on your company’s PCs should go without saying. Your device’s pre-installed Windows Defender doesn’t stand a chance against a cyber threat. Luckily, there are so many excellent security products just waiting to be used.

A good idea is to load the security solution of your choice and run it each time you install new software.

2. Virtual Data Rooms are a must

A Virtual Data Room – VDR in short – contributes to the safety of your startup’s information. This means that sensitive data can be shared in a much easier way using better cyber security means. Generally, these places are used whenever financial transactions are required. Besides financial transactions, Virtual Data Rooms can also store tax paperwork, legal documentation, intellectual property information, and financial information.

Hackers have a difficult time finding crucial information when it comes to a VDR.

3. Create strong passwords

More than 80% of cyber crimes happen because companies use weak passwords to protect their computers. Our recommendation: each of your accounts must have unique passwords made of at least 20 characters. Always use special characters when you think of one. If it helps more, go for a password generator, of which there are plenty online.

Tell your employees that they must reset the passwords once a month. At least.

4. Educate your employees

Nothing keeps dangers at bay better than being informed on the best practices of staying safe. One of the most essential ones: never click on those suspicious links that come with an email. Gather a team of IT experts and organize meetings where your employees find out other great ways of protecting themselves and, by extension, your startup, against hacker attacks.

Another best practice: if they see an add on one of the websites they visit, they shouldn’t click on it. Because if they do that, their PCs will become infected with malware quick as lightning. To avoid cyber-attacks, your employees need to also allow those updates that their computers announce. Data must be backed up regularly, preferably using the Cloud technology.

5. Use cyber security insurance

We all get insurance for our houses, cars, and so on. It’s time to do that for your startup company. Insurance for small businesses keeps them better protected from cyber threats. Whenever a security breach happens and your startup is held responsible, you can end up in a lawsuit and pay a lot of money for it. Which might take you out of the market very quickly.

With a cyber security insurance, all legal costs are fully covered.

6. Keep an eye on employee activity

This one might sound like an invasion of privacy, but a whopping 55% of cyber-crimes are born from inside medium, big, and small companies. You might have one or more dangerous employees doing damage without you even knowing. Or they’re the good guys, but they leave your business open to attacks by accident or because they haven’t been informed on how to stay away from threats.

Authorization requirements need to be observed at all times. Don’t permit access to sensitive information to each and every one of your employees. Select only those you trust completely for this, so that no internal hacks happen.

Approach this surveillance with delicacy but be firm at the same time. Your employees shouldn’t feel like you’re the eye of Sauron.

Best ways to protect your startup company against cyber threats – words Al Woods



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