A Quick Guide to Après-Ski

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Planning a winter holiday? Whether you’re a seasoned skier or it’s your first time on a resort, there’s a lot to learn about the world of après-ski.

After a long day on the winding slopes, you can truly relax and kick back with loved ones and new friends too, catching up on everything you missed while hurtling downhill. Getting to grips with this luxury lifestyle won’t take you long once you’re out there, but it’s worth doing some research in the meantime.

Guide Après-Ski

What is après-ski?

Après-ski, known informally as just après, is getting together and sharing good times after skiing. French for after-ski, this characteristic element of a ski resort holiday usually includes laughter, cheese fondue, and plenty of drinks.

Depending on your resort, après-ski can look like an evening of fine dining or a raucous party into the early hours. It’s different in every destination but no matter how après turns out, it’s integral to traditional and modern skiing culture. It’s almost as important as skiing itself!

What to wear to après-ski

There’s no dress code for après. Most skiers turn up still wearing their gear, but you might want to hang up your skis and poles or stash them in a ski locker before the session gets started.

We recommend wearing a light long-sleeved base layer underneath your midlayer and outer jacket. That way, when the mid-afternoon sun hits you after a few drinks, you won’t need to worry about feeling too hot. To keep comfortable, you can build the perfect layering system to stay just the right temperature even after the sun goes down.

What are the best resorts for après-ski?

Après-ski can be enjoyed at almost every ski resort across the globe, but a few of our top picks include:

  • Chamonix: One of the most boujee resorts for skiing, shopping and après. Amongst high-end holidaymakers, it’s one of the most popular resorts for ski holidays in France.
  • Anton: This Austrian hotspot is home to some of the trendiest après bars, clubs and cafés in the world. Expect a laid-back culture with plenty of house music.
  • Verbier: If you’ve got the budget for Switzerland, this resort won’t fail to impress. Jaw-dropping views meet high-end drinks and lively music, all night long.

Three top tips for your first après-ski

  1. Don’t take off your boots

As much as you might be desperate to get your feet out of sweaty boots, it’s bad manners to walk around the bar or restaurant in your ski socks. Even though the après-ski scene is casual, you should expect to keep your boots on for the whole session. If you absolutely refuse, pop back to your locker or hotel and swap your shoes out.

  1. Don’t take skis to the bar

Skis take up a lot of space – and they’re tricky to move around when they’re not being used for their intended purpose. Do yourself (and everyone around you) a favour by placing them on the designated ski racks nearby. If you’re worried about keeping them secure, it’s worth putting them back in your car, chalet, or hotel room.

  1. Ditch the helmet

Lastly, there’s usually no risk of serious high-speed collisions during après-ski. To save yourself looking a bit silly and getting major helmet hair, it’s a good idea to stow away a cap, warm hat, and pair of sunglasses – so you can simply stash your helmet and goggles away with your skis. Have fun and party hard!


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