How a Relaxing Leg Self-Care Night Could Improve Your Skin

words Alexa Wang

What does your at-home beauty downtime look like? Are you a face-mask and Prosecco kind of girl? While that’s great, we have to ask – are you looking after your legs? To make sure your legs are getting the beauty treatment they deserve, here are some top tips to get you started.

leg beauty treatment

Run the bath

Drop the plug in and start the bath, adding a couple of drops of Cellulite Salon Secret for Legs, which is an incredibly effective detoxifying aromatherapy blend from Legology. As your bath is filling up, crack open a sachet of Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts for Legs. It contains a blend of Himalayan pink salt and sea salt, with a dash of lemon peel and oil. It’s perfect for detoxing and will work wonders on your dry skin.

Next, flick off the taps when your bath is ready and massage the salts into your legs in small, circular movements before sitting down. Don’t skip your heels and knees, as these are areas where dead skin builds up easily, and they’re particularly prone to dryness. When you’re happy that you’ve covered all bases, sink into the warm water and wait for the exfoliating salts to leave your legs. Bliss!

Insider tip: Before leaving the bath, stand up and use the showerhead to blast your legs with cool and warm water blasts. This will work wonders for your circulation, and you will see that your legs have a gorgeous pinkness and tone.

Leg Self-Care

Towel Dry

Once you’re done with your bath, grab a warm and fluffy towel and begin buffing your skin as you dry. You can then apply a moisturiser to your skin – Legology’s Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs is the perfect accompaniment to the oil and salts you’ve used already. The cream is filled with deep drainage properties and relieves heavy and tired legs. You should gently massage the skin around your toes and work your way up to your soles and ankles, being careful not to miss out on any skin. When you approach the back of your knees, use your knuckles to gently massage these areas as there is a density of lymph. You can then use your thumbs to massage the cream gently above your thighs and begin kneading the area where cellulite often appears.

Last but not least, pull on your PJs and snuggle into the sofa. You’re now all set for an evening in front of your favourite Netflix drama, and your legs will thank you for the treatment. To keep you hydrated, treat yourself to a glass of lemon water before you relax for the evening.


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