Unexpected Clothing Details That Revive Your Style Bring Charisma

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Let’s start with a situation in which many of us have found ourselves. You stand in your closet, trying to think of what to wear. Maybe it’s for a typical day at work, or an outing with friends, or a dinner date. Whatever the case, you cannot seem to find an outfit that works for the occasion.

Revive Your Style

Everything appears worn, and you cannot help but feel that you need more clothes, even with the pile in front of you. Before you go out on a shopping spree, here are some ideas you can try to bring out the style in your old clothes:

Work with Colors

There was a time when mixing colors was frowned upon, and people chose to work with block hues. It was a safe choice, regardless of the occasion. Times have changed, and if you have been working with safe color choices, it is time to look at clothing in another way. Remember that bright-hued top you have been avoiding? Now is the time to grab it and pair it with an equally bold-colored skirt and some heels. The norm is to have one bright-colored clothing and two neutral items. Kick this idea to the curb and start working with bold ideas. You can even go a notch further and mix warm and cool colors such as a yellow dress with green flats. If this idea is too ‘out there’ for you, you can work with a multi-colored piece. That way, you can pair other items with colors similar to those on the first piece for a seamless look.

Mix Your Prints

Mixing prints is another idea you may have had but could not execute due to the old-fashioned dressing rules. Now, here is the thing. For a long time, people steered clear of mixing prints, and for a good reason. If you do it wrong, you can end up ruining the whole look and creating what would best be described as a spectacle.

However, you should not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Instead, you should start slow with some safe ideas. For starters, work with prints that feature the same colors to allow for a seamless look. The result will not be busy and will be easy on the eyes. Another idea would be to change up the scales. The prints should not be similar in size, as this would create competition, once again creating a busy look. Instead, have one print in a small size and have the other in a much bigger size. It will be easier to focus on the more prominent one, thus reducing the emphasis on the other scale.

Suppose you are not quite ready to mix two print clothing items; you can start by pairing print clothes with print accessories. For example, you can pair a print scarf with your patterned shoes. As you get more comfortable with the idea of coloring outside the lines, you can work with bolder choices.

Revive Style

Play with Dress Codes

It is relatively easy to get lost in categorization. You can have a section suited to workwear, another for casual outings, and another for dinner wear. The sections can be even more extensive than this. Here is the problem with this categorization- it limits your creativity. Once you have decided that certain dressy shoes are only for dinners, you shut out some pretty cool styling ideas. Instead, you should try and incorporate all your clothes into all the sections. For example, you can take that beautiful LBD you save for date nights and pair it with a trench coat for a workday. You will have more choices once you see clothes as versatile rather than suited for specific occasions.

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Try Natural Fabrics

As we embrace sustainable fashion, natural fabrics have taken the lead on this change. Not only are they comfortable, durable, and lightweight, but they are also quite dressy. These allow you to experiment with style while adopting minimalism. Take options from https://linenfoxclothes.com as an example. This company has been in operation since 2014, providing plenty of linen outfits, from dresses to tops, to their diverse range of clients. These outfits can transform your wardrobe as you only need one linen outfit to stand out from the crowd.

Change up Your Style

While we may not like admitting it, humans are creatures of habit. As such, once you adapt to wearing a pair of jeans a certain way, changing it up can be quite a hassle. Instead of always pairing it with a top, how about throwing on a sweatshirt and seeing how it plays out? You will be surprised how well this change works.

The only limitation in fashion is that which is in the mind. Once you start opening up to new ideas, you will find that the lines in place quickly blur out, allowing you to embrace new concepts. Here’s to creativity!


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