Safety Measures To Child-Proof Your Swimming Pool

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Pools are the byword for enjoyment. And, when it comes to kids and water, they seem to be made for each other. Unfortunately, the pools and children mix also have the potential of accidents.

How safe is your pool environment?

A pool is often the focus of family quality time and making sure that your pool safety practices are on point. Of course, it is always advisable to teach the children how to swim, early on in their life but reliance on their ability to manoeuvre water cannot be your only option.

Children do not have a healthy respect for the dangers of water and their curiosity, and lure of fun in the water can be tragic sometimes. Brush up on the safety measures to child-proof your swimming pool.

Child-Proof Swimming Pool

– Pool and Spa Barriers

Physical barricades that enclose your in-ground swimming pools are basic requirements if have children. They should be at least 4 ft. tall with latches above the reach of children. Pool covers are often not enough in case of freeform shapes and also present loopholes in the form of sagging, insecure latching, etc.

Automatic covers for spas and hot tubs, however, are good options with added usage of locking straps.

– Pool Alarms

Technology has proved to be a great aid in pool safety measures. It is a must-add safety feature that can be installed on pool fences, decking, and under-water. Their portability ensures that you can add them to the most vulnerable place in accordance to your backyard.

Besides, wearable devices on children are also available that sound an alarm in case of submerging accidents.

child pool

– Maintenance of Pool Equipment

Pool heaters and filters should be installed in enclosed spaces well outside the reach of children. It is equally true of pool cleaning equipment and chemicals that can be nasty if accessed by children. For safety, it’s also important to get quality pool cleaning equipment so you don’t run into electrical problems that could potentially be fatal. We recommend getting your gear from stores like to ensure peace of mind.

– Pool Upkeep

Maintain a well-functioning pool at all times that is compliant with all building codes and safety measures. This includes repairing damages, checking slippery surfaces and cleaning them, inspection of pool drains and drain covers. Most importantly, pool and spa drains often create underwater suction that can be injurious or even fatal for children if they are caught in it.

– Rules and Skills

Coach your children on pool safety rules, especially on the ‘Don’ts’ near a pool. Be very careful about the toys and floating stuff that are allowed in the pool or in the general area, stress on responsible playing. Teach the children how to swim, survival swimming lessons can be helpful with their breathing and floating technique in the event of drowning.

safe Swimming Pool

– Adult Supervision

Devices and barricades may falter. The absolute child-proofing for swimming pools is the ever-watchful adult present at all times. There is no substitute for vigilance. Even if your children know how to swim, don’t let them be on their own in the pool, ever!

Nobody plans accidents to happen, yet they do. Consult with expert pool builders like Mr Pools and discuss the child-proof safety features that you can install today.


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