Thins you need to be aware of if you are paying for social media features

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Paying for social media features is a growing trend in the world of social networks. More and more people are doing it and, as a result, more and more attention is being paid to the services and products offered by these websites.

With this being the case, it is important that the people purchasing these features are fully aware of what they are paying for. It is important to be able to trust the websites you are giving your money to, with being just one of these. We would never recommend a website that you can’t rely on but we will provide you with a heads up about an important factor when buying social media features online.

social media features

You need to watch out for bots

By paying for social media features, you are looking to bring more attention your way. By doing this, it is expected that your profile and its content will become more visible to the wider world. As the demand for this approach has grown at an extraordinary rate in recent years, there are numerous websites which have emerged and which offer these features for sale. It is important to research carefully the websites that you are considering buying these features from. This is due to the fact that not all of them offer a product that is as well-rounded as the one provided by the websites we have mentioned here. We are referring to those websites which offer social media features for sale that are sourced from bots. Websites which use bots in this way may not necessarily advertise this matter. Therefore, it is important to do your own research and find this out for yourself. Further on, we will give you some tips about how to identify bots but, first of all, we will tell you what they are and why you should be wary of them.

What are bots?

Bots refer to bot accounts. A bot account is any social media account that is managed by a computer programme. That is to say, the account has been set up by someone who has then created a computer programme to run it. There are numerous reasons why this may be done but the result is the same: it is, essentially, an account whose purpose is to recreate the online behaviour of a regular social media user. By doing this, the person behind the account is able to control a number of different social media accounts and use them for whatever purpose they wish. One example of their use is to boost the number of followers they may have by creating all these accounts and then having them become followers of a particular account and have them engage regularly with that account. There isn’t anything wrong with bot accounts, per se. However, there are some social media users who look down on them as they do not represent genuine people and they are something of a cheat in terms of increasing social media interaction. This is different from paying for social media features from accounts held by actual people as the interaction involved is genuine.

How to spot bot accounts?

If you are concerned about possibly having bot accounts among the users who interact with your social media profile then you should have a look at some of the red flags that we have identified. If you happen to notice one or more of these habits being performed by a particular social media user then you may have a case of a bot account. Some of the areas you should pay special attention to are:

Profile pictures

While there is no rule that says a profile picture should include a picture of yourself, this is most often the case for social media users. In the case of bot accounts, however, they rarely have a profile picture at all. The ones that do tend to use a picture that has been taken from another source or one which is evidently not them (such as a picture of a famous person, a famous monument, etc.).

User activity

Most social networks give you the opportunity to look at the activity of a particular user and this can give you an idea of what they get up to. In the case of a bot account, a typical list of their activity looks something likes this: they like A LOT of content and they appear to go through accounts and like EVERY single post, going back over posts from a long time ago to do so. Additionally, they may start to follow A LOT of users in a row while they tend to post A LOT of comments, most of which are not relevant to the content in question.

Interaction with other users

It is also worth taking a look at the profile of these accounts as this may give you an idea of their status. For example, the profiles of bot accounts tend to have very little interaction. This means that they do not post content, they do not get comments from other users and they do not update their information. In the case of bot accounts that do post content, it tends to be taken from another source; they hardly ever post any original content.

Knowledge is power

The first step in the war against bot accounts is knowing what they are and how to identify them. Once you can, you can then block them from your profile. In the case of you paying for social media features, you have a right to demand quality and a product of a genuine nature. If you are provided with an inferior product, you are within your rights to complain. After all, you are handing over your hard-earned money to get them.


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