6 Style Tips For Always Standing Out From The Crowd & Wowing Everyone

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Bored with your regular style? Dying to bend the trends to sparkle in a crowd? Switch it up with these style tips and wow everyone wherever you go!

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Imagine if all humans looked the same as any single species of birds, wouldn’t that be an absolute nightmare? The desire to look different from one another is ingrained within us.

However, no matter how different we want to look, we often end up looking just the same. If you can’t bring variety into your overall appeal, how are you any different from a bunch of animals or birds?

Whether it is for a first impression or our daily looks, we should always strive to stand out from the crowd. Want to make a dazzling impact wherever you go? These style tips will make you shine and help you impress people on any occasion.

Personalized Clothes

The biggest problem we face when we want to look stylish is finding something less common to wear. Due to the mass production of clothes by different labels, chances are the dress you bought is the same one that your coworker or neighbor has.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and wear something no one has seen, invest in personalized clothes. Personalized Womens Clothing can make anyone stand out in the crowd.

Personalized clothing is not just for celebrities. So, to make a fashion statement choose something that the world has never seen before.

More clothing brands are offering the opportunity to customize clothes and make original items. You can either choose to customize existing designs or use your designs and even original artwork.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black

No, orange is not the new black and yes, black will never go out of fashion. Black color clothing is phenomenal as you can pair them with any pattern or color, and wear them on any occasion.

A major style tip is having some essential black clothing items. Try to have at least one black jacket, leggings, skirt, socks, jeans, shorts, tops, bags, shoes, etc. When in doubt, choosing to wear black is the best way to go, therefore having a black dress in the closet is a must.

When you are in a hurry and no color is going well with your stunning statement top, pants, etc. black will always have your back.

When buying novelty items like leather jackets, boots, skirts, etc. if you choose something black, you can rest assured that you will get the opportunity to wear it again.

Play with Colors

If you want to stand out yet are afraid of wearing colorful clothing, it would just not work out. Even when wearing solid colors, people often go for pastel tones. These look sophisticated, however, can also end up looking boring if you keep choosing the same safe colors all the time.

Wearing tie-dye clothing or choosing to wear bold bright colors like yellow and orange will work if you opt for something that suits you. Adding more color to your wardrobe is always a great idea.

While choosing dresses try different colors instead of going for basics. Try looking for a clothing item with a unique or unusual shade.

Unique shades like violet, turquoise, indigo, blood orange, salmon pink, marsala, etc. catch the onlooker’s attention. The more unique and beautiful the shade, the more likely it is to captivate people.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Patterns

Similar to colorful clothing, patterns also scare people. They frequently tend to play safe with fashion and go for solid colors. Most people are so scared of patterns and prints(Unless it is plaids), that they would rather buy the same item as the next person than wear something different.

This styling tip is essential if you want your clothes to be unique. You can do so much with patterned items. You can pair them with black or any solid color that falls in the same shade family. You can also choose to wear some contrasting colors, yet still, look exceedingly fashionable.

Even wearing the same pattern for both tops and bottoms is exciting to the eyes and makes a stunning view. Patterns, prints, polka dots, etc. whatever you can find that catches the eyes, try wearing them and your outfit will never look boring.


Almost every fashion advocate has talked about the importance of accessorizing. Wearing statement jewelry to add more to your outfit is essential. Even a boring dress can be made exciting if you wear something with it that is eye-catching.

It is important to know what to wear. Sometimes an item that stands out can also be an eyesore. So, try to find out what is going well with what clothing item. Oversized bangles and chunky necklaces are great for occasions when you are wearing something simple.

Find A Unique Perfume

How well do you know yourself? If you know the kind of person you are and have an idea of a perfume that will compliment you, then you are already halfway there to find your unique scent.

By unique perfume, it doesn’t have to be something super rare or expensive. It also doesn’t need to be something as outrageous as Durian flavored perfume. Choose something that goes with your personality.

People with intense deep personalities will suit deep perfumes which are floral or woody. People with extroverted personalities might like fresh fruity smells. However, there is no thumb rule for perfumes. Whatever smell you like and suits you, can be your unique perfume.

You can also try mixing perfumes to make something new, however, it can also backfire and turn into a pungent smell so be careful with your mixes.

Final Thought

Some simple steps and purchases can help you stand out with your unique style. While dressing, accessorizing, or even using fragrance, choose something that makes a statement. Everyone has their unique personality, choose to show yourself to the world as you are.


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