How to Style Your Home to Match Your Personality

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Style Your Home

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Is your home looking a little tired? If so, you may be considering redecorating it and changing its look. Changing up your interior design and adding some fresh touches to your décor can dramatically change the feel of your living space. It is incredible how some fresh paint and accessories can make all the difference to your property and make it look like an entirely new space. 

While the result of your home makeover is going to be well worth the effort, getting started can be challenging. Deciding how you want your home to look can be tricky as there are so many different styles to choose between. But, if you are hoping to give your rooms a unique feel, decorating them in a manner that captures your personality and reflects all your favorite things is a great way to make this happen. So, if creating a home that expresses your character sounds like something you want to try, these tips should inspire you:

Don’t be Afraid to be Different

If you follow a lot of influencers on Instagram, you can be forgiven for thinking everyone has a home with grey walls and neutral furnishings. This muted color scheme may be popular right now, but that does not mean you need to embrace it and follow the trend. While everyone around you may be choosing the same colors and coveting the same style of furniture, making your home a little more unique can make a refreshing change. 

Decorating your home is the chance to project your personality onto your surroundings and create a space where you feel calm, nurtured, and comfortable. This can only be achieved when you follow your own decorating rules and not when you decorate to please everyone else.

Introduce Color

Colors are powerful and have many different connotations, so picking the right paint color for your walls is a significant task. Learning what different colors mean and the feelings they evoke is one way to ensure you choose the right shade for your room. Alternatively, you could simply follow your heart and decorate your home in your favorite colors, which is sure to make you happy every time you enter the room.

If you have multiple colors you love and want to incorporate all of them into the room, why not do it! If you are concerned that the overall effect of the different hues together may be overpowering, why not stick with just one color on the walls, and use the others as accent colors. Your accent colors could be incorporated into your accessories, soft furnishings, or artwork to ensure that they are all included in the room.

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Make it Comfortable

While style is important, comfort is crucial, so ensuring your room is as comfortable as possible is a must. Your home needs to be a place where you can relax, be yourself, and escape the craziness of the outside world, so adding as many comfortable features as possible is essential. When choosing new furniture for your home, it can often feel like you have to choose between comfort and style. If you find that the furniture stores you visit are full of contemporary furniture items that do not match your aesthetic and don’t feel comfortable, it is time to shop elsewhere. Furniture is a big investment, so it is better to take your time to find the perfect pieces rather than rush to buy something that does not match your taste. 

If you are looking for truly unique pieces of furniture and want them to be comfortable and match your personality, you could take matters into your own hands. Upcycling pieces of furniture that you already own is a great way to reduce waste and will save you money too. One of the best things about upcycling furniture is that you can make it look exactly as you like and as comfortable as you wish, so there are no limitations.

Bring Your Memories to Life

One powerful way to style your home to match your personality is to introduce the things that really matter to you. Bringing photos and objects with special meaning to you and making them a central feature of your décor will make your home truly unique. Selecting your favorite pictures of friends and family and having them enlarged for you to display is a great starting point. If you want to make the photos prominent in your design scheme, having them printed onto canvas is a great way to achieve this; look here for canvas prints and the different options available. You may even want to display your photos in a gallery wall style so that they are even more eye-catching. 

As well as making your favorite photos a central part of your décor, you may also want to bring more of your memories to life in your redecorated home. Picking out souvenirs from your travels and sentimental keepsakes and putting them on display is an excellent way to bring your most treasured memories of holidays and fun times to life. Having so many happy memories surrounding you in your newly-decorated room is sure to spark joy and create a positive vibe.

Introduce Accessories

Introducing accessories into the room is the final task to complete and allows you to make the room extra-special. Your choice of accessories is an excellent way to bring all the individual elements in the scheme together to perfectly suit your tastes. Introducing accessories such as candles featuring your favorite fragrances, plus pillows and throws with different textures will ensure your new room is a feast for the senses. 

In Conclusion

Redecorating a home can take a lot of work to complete. But, all the effort you put into the task is worth it when you achieve a finished result that perfectly matches your style and personality. Choosing to fill your home with things that you love rather than following a trend is guaranteed to make your home unique and the perfect expression of your personality.


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