Summer to remember – What to pack for music festivals in UK 2018

words Alexa Wang

Summer is coming. For some people, this is barely a reason for joy: why should you be happy when you know the sun is actively trying to burn you alive? On the other hand, some people are expecting summer like a breath of air and there is only one reason for that: festivals.

Wherever you go, the world is packed with all kinds of festivals. You have food festivals and art festivals, but the most popular ones are music festivals. What can we say? We love our music.

However, when you come from far away for a festival, there are certain things that you need to remember – no matter if you are camping there or if you rented a room. Here’s a survival guide to get you through music festivals and enjoy every minute of it.

1.      The Tent

If you are going to a festival, the chances are you might want to go camping. Consider a tent with solar protection, since not every camping site has trees around to protect you from the sun.

Some tents have extra layers that keep the sun from turning your tent into a sauna – allowing you to get some good night rest and not wake you up at 8 AM when you just went to sleep three hours earlier.

Don’t forget to pack a good thermal sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, and mattresses. It’s bound to get chilly while sleeping on the ground. Take only the bare necessities with you, though, since you’ll have to carry them, after all.

2.      The Clothing

When going to a festival in the UK, you should expect bad weather – at least one day out of three. Stack up with warm clothes, as it will get chilly in the evening. You may be dancing, but at some point, you will have to stay put and you will feel the cold.

Furthermore, one other item you should definitely pack is a raincoat. Most festivals do not permit the use of umbrellas on the premises for obvious reasons: they will obstruct the view and you risk taking someone’s eye out as you are protecting yourself from the rain.

It’s UK weather, so if you expect sun every day, you are seriously deluding yourself. Fashion trends are important but bring clothes that can actually be useful to you.

3.      Drinks and Food

Festival food is expensive by nature, so if possible, you may want to bring your own food and drinks with you. Make sure to pack long-lasting foods, including canned food and veggies such as broccoli or kale.

Also, don’t forget to pack a lot of water, citrus juice, and some fatty meat or nuts. Your hangover will thank you for that.

4.      The Clean Kit

At a festival, you have to be prepared to get messy – but you also need to have a minimal cleaning kit with you. Baby wipes, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, napkins, all these can become a lifesaver – particularly after you come out of those eco-toilets that every festival has.

Those toilets may be clean during the first day, but as time passes, they will be packed with all kinds of germs and things you didn’t want to know existed in the world.

Also, don’t forget the dry shampoo. If you don’t have a showering area, a tube of dry shampoo will make your hair look fresh and clean in seconds – getting you ready for the next day of partying.

5.      Necessary Extras

Never, under any circumstance, should you underestimate the power that earplugs have – particularly if you’re camping at the festival. The chances are that if you are going to festivals, the party will go on until the next day.

Plus, your neighbors can be just as noisy – particularly when they get drunk. If you want to be able to sleep, a good pair of earplugs will get you through the night.

Also, don’t forget to pack flashlights and portable stoves, if they are allowed. You’ll need the flashlight to find your way through the dark and you’ll need the stove to cook some food that will save up on the expensive festival food.

In addition, many people now bring a flag of some sort to festivals, whether a band flag, national flag, peace flag, or humorous flag. They can be raised on a flagpole or held by hand and used to support groups and cheer for artists, or to mark tents and camping places to help you find them quickly and easily.

6.      The Willingness to Share

A crucial thing to pack is the willingness to share. You may have an extra blanket that you don’t necessarily use, and your camping neighbor may have a fold-up chair that he only uses every now and again. You will have to sit at some point.

Share with your fellow festival-goers, and this way, you will find yourself with new friends and extra gear that you didn’t necessarily carry with you.

Some popular festivals that are known for the fun and friends are Lovebox pr Download Festival. For these, you may even get Getmein discount codes that can help you save money by ordering your tickets online.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the most important thing to pack is the excitement and the desire to have some fun. The others are just details – but they will surely allow you to enjoy the festival to the max.


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