Superhero hideouts and their true value

Superhero hideouts and their true value – words Al Woods

If they were real how much would their Superhero hideouts be in todays market? This wonderful infographic will take through just that. For example, one of the most expensive ones in the universe, The Fortress of Solitude.

This is Superman’s occasional headquarters, the location is unknown from all but superman’s closest friends, family and all loved ones. Based on pictures the estimated value of this property would be around £813 Trillion, purely based on the fact that it looks as if it is made entirely of ice, a very unique building indeed. An Estate agents in Leytonstone has given us an estimated price for each of these fictional properties, please see the some more examples of these incredible superhero lairs on this great infographic.

Superhero hideouts

Superhero hideouts and their true value – words Al Woods


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