The success of Surrey and Hampshire’s film industry

words Alexa Wang

Hollywood isn’t as far from your doorstep as you may have previously thought. Surrey and Hampshire have hosted some of the largest blockbusters over the past few decades.

From The Hip Video Production want to highlight the success of these locations and to celebrate their services now being offered in Hampshire they have created this exciting map depicting the exact minute these places are featured in this big-screen hits.

These movies collectively grossed over $11 billion and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The creative industry has begun to boom in the area. The highest-grossing alone being Avengers: Age of Ultron that raked in a staggering $1.4 billion worldwide.

Surrey and Hampshire’s film

The James Bond franchise has always proved popular. Skyfall racked up an impressive $1,108,561,013 after filming throughout Surrey and Hampshire. One of the most recognisable scenes was shot on Surrey’s Hankley Common.

Thanks to a Netflix deal with Shepperton Studios, the online streaming service have now signed a contract to begin filming more content within the area. The studio itself homes 14 sound stages, workshops and office space.

Netflix will, of course, be looking to film on location, a film crew was recently spotted in Loseley Park shooting a new adaptation of Dame Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca starring Lily James.

Within recent years, there have been numerous hit TV shows within Surrey and Hampshire. The End of the ****ing World famously featured Guildford bus station, while Black Mirror took advantage of various Surrey and Hampshire locations for the episode Hang the DJ in season 4.

Netflix have produced over 40 productions within the UK and now they have secured a permanent studio, we can expect more quality content from them closer to home.

But why are these counties so popular among the film sector? The UK has always drawn producers in with its rich history and a multitude of cultures.

The government also offers a generous tax rebate of up to 25%, which of course is incredibly appealing.

Being only 75 miles away from London and having easy transport links, Hampshire is rising in popularity. The county is home to both Black Hangar and Banshee Studios while also being the location for some of the most historical landmarks outside of London, including King Arthur’s Round Table and HMS Victory.

Hampshire film industry

Hampshire also benefits from stunning countryside alongside being a coastal county, with everything from National Parks to Steam Ships.

Upcoming releases that have taken advantage of Hampshire and Surrey’s abundance of locations are The Crown Season 3 due for release in November 2019, the previously mentioned Rebecca and the eagerly anticipated Cursed.

There has also been speculation that the new World War I film 1917, directed by Sam Mendes, has been filming within Surrey but this is yet to be confirmed. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch who is no stranger to local film sets.

In 2011, the crew of War Horse took over Stratfield Saye House where Cumberbatch shot scenes with the title character Joey the horse.

This new set was spotted on Hankley Common, which has also been used for various instalments of the James Bond franchise.

Film-induced tourism is already cashing in on this growing sector. Highclere Castle, more commonly known as Downton Abbey is listed as one of the top tourist attractions in Hampshire.

This success can undeniably be attributed to the success of the television show starring Maggie Smith and High Bonneville.

The highly anticipated film adaptation is due for release this September and will surely increase tourism within the surrounding areas.

Now that Netflix have permanently settled into the area, we can surely await other businesses take advantage is this new tourism.


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