The 4 Best Things to Do in Prague

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 Prague to do

Prague is a beautiful city, packed with fascinating landmarks and fun activities. This makes it hard to decide where to go or what things to do in Prague, especially when you only have a few days.

Check out below 4 things to do in Prague that will make your trip to this fantastic city unforgettable!

Have a Blast at a Gun Range

Have a memorable experience in a shooting range in Prague. At Prague Ranger, you get the opportunity to fire up to 25 historical weapons, such as the unique Soviet Dragunov sniper rifle, the legendary AK-47 military rifle, and the iconic Smith & Wesson revolver, with the guidance of former military and police members.

Whether it’s your first or hundredth time firing a weapon, Prague Ranger offers an array of packages built according to the level of experience of the shooter. And don’t worry about having a license: you do not need one here.

After shooting your favorite guns, the team offers you snacks and drinks plus a drive back to your accommodation.

Drive a Kart at Full Speed

Feel like a professional racing driver by go karting in Prague. KartMax is only a 15-minute tram trip from the center of the Czech capital, and it is worth the visit.

The large, modern kart raceplex allows driving on several circuits of 400-750m. The karts are equipped with the latest electric kart technology, allowing drivers to enjoy maximum performance in a low-weight kart. One ride can last 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the package. If you’re in a group of more than 10 people, you can rent the track for half an hour or a full hour and get unlimited drinks, as well as drop-off service.

KartMax welcomes everyone, regardless of their level of experience. The team comprises former racing drivers and kart enthusiasts ready to help you and ensure you have the best time there.

Prague activity

Go Canoeing in the Vltava River

How about immersing in local culture and trying a traditional Czech pastime? Prague is home to a vast and breathtaking network of rivers and streams that offer all levels of challenge for different types of visitors. From beginners looking for a smooth paddle to thrill-seekers who want to practice their canoeing skills, there is room for everyone.

The Vltava river is the most frequented in the Czech Republic, meaning you will find crowds. If you’re looking to enjoy the beautiful views from the river peacefully, get away from the center of Prague. Borová Lada, a Czech comune 2 hours away from Prague, is a great option for those who, despite lacking experience, are ready for an adventure off the beaten path.

Go on a Museum Tour

Besides being the city of a hundred spires, Prague is also the city of a hundred museums. Being a city full of history, it is only natural that you can find a museum in every corner..

There are museums dedicated to varied fields, be it history, architecture, art, and much more. Make sure to save (at least) a day to go around Prague on a museum tour. Here are some you definitely cannot miss

●      National Museum of Prague

It is the largest museum in the country and is located in one of the most famous and majestic buildings in Prague. Besides the temporary exhibits, there are permanent collections concerning the fields of natural sciences and specialized areas of the social sciences.

●      Kafka Museum

As the name suggests, this museum is dedicated to renowned author Franz Kafka. Here, visitors have access to the first edition of several books by Kafka as well as personal letters, diaries, and drawings.

●      Sex Machines Museum

If you want to know more about the evolution of sex machines, this is the place to do so. The museum displays a collection of more than 300 machines, some from the 16th century, and historic antimasturbation devices.

●      Charles Bridge Museum

The Old Town in Prague is a name you must cross in your to-visit list. Stroll around this historic part of town, visit its landmarks, and check out the Charles Bridge Museum, where you can learn more about the construction of the iconic Charles Bridge.

●      Museum of Senses

Have a mind-blowing experience in the Museum of Senses, where optical illusions and sensory challenges expect you. It is a place of enigmas but also plenty of fun and education.


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