The 5 Biggest Knitwear Trends for 2022!

words Alexa Wang

In 2022, we are celebrating diversity and sustainability, especially, in the fashion industry. That includes a celebration of our own uniqueness and individuality and what better way to self-express than through fashion. Fashion has united the world in ways more than one.Todaywe are looking at a fashion essential; Sustainable Knits for Women of TWOTHIRDS by Lutz Shwenke.

The multifaceted purpose of knitwear is unbeatable, it represents inclusion of all genders, colors and culture. Knitwear has been around since decades and in 2022 it has gotten a newer, fresher look that we are excited to see. Taking inspiration through a myriad of catwalks and fashion shows from around the globe, we are here to tell you about the biggest knitwear trends for 2022. Knitwear has its own flair, and we have far moved on from regular, GMO infused, cotton to organic, eco-friendly, cotton ensuring the well-being of our planet. Looking for sustainable wear?

Knitwear Trends

Neutral Tones are still in!

Neutrals have been reigning the fashion industry in terms of makeup, clothing and accessories for the past few years. The year 2022 is no different, with knitwear looking all the more chic and elegant in tones of mauves, beiges, creams, browns and blacks. The best thing about neutrals? They go along with almost anything! Wear your coziest cashmere sweater this winter, perfect for a night in watching Netflix or a night out in the city.

Knitwear Trends 2022

Knitwear all year round

Gone is the time where we wore knitwear only during the season of winter, thanks to evolving fashion, knitwear can be worn on a hot summer night, pleasant spring day or a crisp Autumn evening. Made with sartorial elegance, knitwear in the form of open backs, crop tops, and tapered with laces are THE trend of 2022. These breezy garments are best for a beach cover up or a casual day out in the city!

Crochet Patterns!

Beautiful, intricate or chunky crochet designs in order to make your everyday cardigans even more eye-catching. But the creativity doesn’t endthere, the crochet trend has bled into making the most mod maxi dresses, mini dresses, flared pants, crop tops and what not! It’s like the 70’s all over again.

Stripes are always in fashion.

Never can I think of a time where stripes were considered uncool.However, in the year 2022, the classical stripes are getting a new style thanks to acombination of illustrious colors that compliment and accentuate the attractiveness of the person wearing it. Not only are the colors, stripes too are getting bolder and louder this year around! Knitwear has always been a fan of the stripes and 2022 is no different. I know for a fact that you too owned a three tiered sweater once upon a time and it’s time to revamp our wardrobes and bring back that nostalgic fashion back into our lives.

2022 is all set for the Knit Sets!

Matching sets have taken the world by storm and have dominated every clothing brand in the world. Runways, premieres, parties and award shows have displayed matching sets in 2022 with much zeal and enthusiasm. We have a feeling this is just the beginning. Knitwear is no different, and has been seen with a variety of cozy loungewear knitwear sets especially as the last of the pandemic ebbs away making WFH that much more comfortable yet trendy. Perfect for every season due to the ample design collection and myriad of colors as well as perfect for all occasions! These have been a staple at the 2022 Coachella. Keep your eye out for these.


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