Cool things to do in Florida this Summer

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Cool Things To Do in Florida This Summer Florida is a popular holiday spot every year for both visitors at home and abroad. However, it’s always those well-known spots that get the most mentions when it comes to top places to visit on a stay in the area. If you’re looking to explore Florida and make the most of your trip to the state, there are a range of exciting and interesting activities to sample that offer you lasting memories of your vacation.


Discover Florida’s remote islands

Often referred to as one of the USA’s least visited national parks, Dry Tortugas is an isolated but beautiful spot with one of the world’s largest coastal brick fortresses. This destination is a fantastic place to learn about the history of these tiny islands and you can hop on a ferry to see the wonders it beholds. Not only can you learn about Fort Jefferson, but there is also the opportunity to snorkel in the crystal waters and soak up the sun on its secluded beaches. Key West Snorkeling Charters is a great example to escape the summer heat and explore the beautiful underwater world.

Take a boat trip in Miami

Miami is a popular spot for people of all ages. It’s most often known for its glorious sandy shoreline and chilled vibes but you’ll also find it has a vibrant arts and culture scene too. There is a variety of events and festivities organised throughout the year including lots of gigs for music lovers. If you’re looking for some traditional beach fun, why not rent a yacht in Miami and explore the coastline by boat. You’ll find a choice of vessels, whatever your party size, and you’re guaranteed to have fun in the sunshine.

Enjoy a fright fest at Spook Hill

For those looking to experience some spooky goings-on, a visit to Spook Hill is a must. Located in Lake Wales, approximately 50 miles from Disney World, you’ll find this so-called haunted destination that was plagued by a huge alligator that ravaged the town (according to legend). Alongside this tale, this spot also has an odd anti-gravity vibe in which your car appears to roll uphill – strange huh! Why not go visit and see if the legend is true.

Watch live mermaids in Weeki Wachee

Ok, so they might not be real mermaids but this popular show has attracted visitors to Florida since the 1940s. Located in Weeki Wachee and in the deepest naturally formed spring in the US, this show sees the performers dance and swim for an audience that watches in a theatre 20ft below the spring’s surface. It’s certainly a unique experience and not one to be missed if you’re in the area. 

Discover Palm Coast’s rocky shoreline

Florida is famed for its white sandy shores, however, this unique spot defies the norm. The Rocks at Palm Coast have been described as a mini Grand Canyon due to the unusual formations in the sand. Plus, the interesting nooks offer shallow pools and warm waters to explore. It’s quite remote too, so you’ll usually be able to enjoy this quiet spot away from the buzz of traditional beach resorts.


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