Tips for Achieving Sustainable Fashion in 2022

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Sustainable fashion is in vogue. But what does it entail? Let’s start by reminding readers of the ecological damage caused by traditional textile processing and the destructive and exploitative nature of the precious stone and metal mining industry. While it adds up to stylish clothes and beautiful jewelry, these processes are anything but sustainable.

So what is a fashion-forward person to do? Fortunately, there are several ways for folks to wear nice clothes and jewelry without worrying about the harm it’s doing to the environment. Read on to learn how to achieve sustainable fashion in 2022.


You must always buy durable clothing that will last longer if you want to be a more sustainable fashionista. To do so, you will need to know what types of fabrics durables are typically made of. Cotton, for example, is most environmentally friendly when it is recycled. In contrast to organic cotton, recycled cotton fabric is manufactured from consumer waste: therefore, it takes a fewer amount of resources, including water and energy, to produce.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the durability of materials used in clothing manufacturing, a few guidelines can assist you. Always consider whether you will wear the item again in the near future. Choose fewer but longer-lasting pieces that you can wear on occasion. Additionally, choose a brand that is well-known and well-recommended by customers for its long-lasting clothing.

Sustainable Sources

The textile industry is notoriously wasteful and prone to pollution. For instance, it takes roughly 2700 liters of water to make just one t-shirt. That’s a lot of water for a single piece of clothing, one that will likely end up in a landfill after a year or two. The solution is to find clothing brands that work exclusively with sustainable textile facilities.\

While sticking to sustainable clothing options is a good start, there’s more work to be done. The next step is to alter the way you buy jewelry. Given the environmentally destructive and exploitative nature of traditional diamond mining, opting for lab-grown alternatives is ideal. From halo diamond earrings to princess-cut diamond rings, lab-grown options are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing while being significantly more sustainable.

Sustainable Fashion 2022


To be a sustainable fashionista, you must go the extra mile to preserve a durable piece of clothing once you have purchased it. Some textiles will necessitate more upkeep than others. Fine fabrics, such as silk, are more delicate and sensitive to blemishes and damage from heat and light. Fine fabrics are also more forgiving during laundry and textile care, and they last longer when hand washed.

However, if you want to wash such fabrics in the machine, throw them in a linen bag and apply the delicate cycle. Additionally, hang fine fabrics and innerwear to dry instead of placing them in the dryer, damaging their elasticity. Other elastic garments, such as gym gear and jeans, can also be dried by hanging.


Being a sustainable fashionista entails more than just wearing clean clothes. You must learn how to properly care for your clothes and make repairs when necessary. For example, if a button or seam rips, you will need to know how to mend it. Shoes and accessories are treated with the same care. Spraying a pair of shoes with moisture and stain-repellent spray can help them last longer. The spray adds an additional layer of protection to your shoes by forming a shield protecting them from damage. You can also add protective rubber soles to the shoes to extend their lifespan.

To avoid frequent, ensure the garments are well stitched and that there are no skipped stitches, loose stitches, or areas where the stitching is already falling apart. For example, the average number of stitches per inch on shirts is around eight; however, you should gently tug on stitching and buttons to ensure that they do not rip apart because it may be difficult to measure while shopping.

Don’t know where to begin if you want to be a sustainable fashionista? When you apply the above tips, your fashion industry’s waste concerns will be solved. Additionally, you will achieve a sustainable fashion trend.


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