20 Top tips for doing laundry like a boss

words Alexa Wang

Laundry, otherwise known as “the worst chore ever” is a task that usually requires a whole day at home and back to back wash loads. Doing the laundry is one of those chores that is not only tedious, but can also be confusing. How often should you wash different garments? And what do the symbols on care labels actually mean?

Appliance manufacturer, Beko ran a poll that found 59% of people wash their jeans every week whilst only 8% of them once a year! According to their laundry hacks infographic, jeans should only need washing every 6 months and bed linen at least once a week. 

Countless lost socks, faded denim and colour transfers are just a few of the common problems encountered when doing your wash loads but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Here are 20 top tips for getting the most out of your washing machine and becoming a laundry day boss.

Laundry Hacks and Washing Machine Tips
Provided by Beko


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