Top Ways To Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

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 Daily Protein Intake

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps the body grow, repair tissue and make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein-rich foods are broken down into amino acids in the digestive system. After being absorbed by the body, these amino acids are used to build protein molecules needed for all of these functions.

It’s an important building block of bones, muscles, and skin and it plays a critical role in keeping your body healthy and functioning efficiently daily. Without protein, your body wouldn’t be able to function as they do now. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re consuming enough protein in your diet every day. And below are ways to increase your daily protein intake.

Order Ready-Made Protein Food

If you’re looking for a way to boost your daily protein intake, ready-made food is one of the best options. The good part is you can purchase high protein meals delivered to your door for lunch or dinner, this way you don’t have to think about cooking anything because everything is made for you. All you need to do is look at the menu and figure out which high protein meal that sounds good enough for you to eat.  You can find just about any food product imaginable on the Internet with daily protein content, all you need to do is go online and start searching for something that appeals to your taste buds. 

These ready-made high protein foods come in many different forms such as frozen entrees, whole grain cereals, quick snacks, shakes, and bars. You will discover that these convenient food items are very tasty and your hunger will be satisfied with a reasonable amount of calories.

Add An Egg To Your Breakfast

If you’re looking to increase your protein intake, start by adding an egg. Eggs are super nutritious and packed with lots of high-quality protein. Plus, they keep you full for hours, which can help prevent snacking on junk throughout the day. It’s high in protein, high in vitamins, high in minerals, and high in omega 3 fatty acids.  Eggs are high in saturated fat, but the majority of them are healthy kind.

If you want to get even more protein into your day, pair your egg with some high-protein veggies like spinach or mushrooms. And if you’re trying to cut back on carbs, try making an omelet out of just eggs and cheese. It’s delicious and high in protein.

Top Your Food With Almonds

Almonds are high-protein food that contains high amounts of protein per ounce. They have been shown to lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Almonds can be added to salads, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, and more to boost the protein count of your food. One serving size (28g) has 6g of protein in them. The high fiber content in almonds will leave you feeling full and prevent overeating.

They are high in monounsaturated fats which are good for your heart. They also contain high levels of vitamin E, magnesium & copper. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help fight off free radicals that contribute to aging and disease.

Add Protein Powder To Your Shake

Protein shakes come in all sorts of different flavors and are super convenient, especially if you’re trying to gain weight quickly. And high protein shakes can be deliciously blended with milk or water, along with healthy ingredients like fresh fruit that provide extra vitamins and minerals. Plus protein smoothies and shakes taste great and can be made in minutes. But if you have food sensitivities or celiac disease, then most regular protein powders probably won’t work for you. That’s why it’s important to find the right gluten free protein powder that works with your dietary needs and still provides the nutrition your body needs. They’re all designed to provide a quick source of nutrition without triggering any undesirable symptoms.

Virtually everyone who works out, regardless of their current weight or body fat levels, can benefit from protein shakes. That’s because protein is an important building block for muscle development and growth, so supplementing this essential macronutrient through high-protein shakes can help you get more proteins in your diet.

Take Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt has twice the protein in regular yogurt. It is high in calcium, high in vitamin A & high in riboflavin. Greek yogurt can be added to smoothies or eaten plain with fruit for breakfast. The high protein content will help curve appetite and keep blood sugar levels low so you are not hungry shortly after eating. Greek yogurt will leave you feeling full and satisfied. It also contains high amounts of probiotics which can keep your digestive system healthy and prevent bloating and gas after eating high protein food.

Add Peanut Butter To Your Meals

You may be thinking that high-protein meals are high in fat. However, by adding peanut butter to your high protein meals you can still stay within your daily calorie intake and increase your protein intake at the same time. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain 8 grams of protein, so add them to high protein meals such as high protein toast or high protein cereal. Make high protein oatmeal by mixing peanut butter with oats and a little bit of water. This protein recipe contains 8 grams each of carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Daily Protein tips

Add Cheese To Your Meals

Cheese is high in fat but also high in protein too. You can use this to your advantage because cheese is an excellent source of high biological value animal-based protein. Add protein cheddar cheese to toast, oatmeal, or high protein cereal. You can also add feta cheese to salads and sandwiches. If you don’t like cheese try adding cottage cheese to your meals. Cottage cheese is a good source of calcium and high in protein too. You can have it by itself or with fruit, berries, vegetables, or nuts.

Eat More Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are high in protein and contain both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making them a complete source of protein like meats. Nutritious options include walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Chia seeds are also a complete protein source, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids your body cannot produce on its own.

Nuts are high in calories, so it’s important to track your intake and not go overboard on portion size. But if you’re looking for a high-protein, low-carb snack that also provides healthy fats and fiber, nuts can be one of the best choices out there.

You can also increase the amount of protein you eat daily by adding high-protein ingredients to your favorite foods or by drinking high-protein shakes. Buying whole-grain bread and pasta, high protein cereal, high protein snacks like high protein bars or high protein brownies, adding cheese to your meals (such as cottage cheese or cheddar), and eating more nuts and seeds are all easy ways to eat more protein.


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