Wedding makeup looks for darker skin tones

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What Makeup do I need for my big day?

Complexions are a broad topic and vary from person to person. There are so many different shades to choose from; light pinks to darker brown colors. It can be a stressful task to worry about finding the right makeup in your everyday look. When you throw in the fact that it is your BIG day, the stress levels can rise even more.

On this day, the bride worries about things, from what color of lipstick to use, the right kind of foundation stick, to what kind of blush looks best. This aims to cover all the essentials so these decisions for your big day can be made easier.

The good news is that if you are blessed with a darker skin complexion, it makes the world of makeup that bit more exciting. You can play more with colors, shades and make it more exciting. It is so important to embrace whatever skin tone you might have. Every shade of brown deserves to be represented in the cosmetic industry, and today it is happening more and more! There are lots of makeup brands that are black-owned for those with darker skin, so check them out and support them. Learn all the tricks of the trade to make your big day that much more special.

makeup darker skin

The I Do’s and Don’ts for darker makeup looks

Remember, Your Complexion Is Not All the Same Shade

One mistake that women make is perceiving that they are the one color all over. Once you get over this myth, your foundation process will become so much easier. The best way to avoid any bad makeup lines is to start applying your foundation at the center of your face, aiming for the lightest point first. By doing this, you are basically highlighting and concealing your skin at one time. This is a good way to show off your natural contour points. Our faces are our friends, not our foes! They leave little blueprints of how we should apply our foundation; all we must do is follow it. By following this easy tip, you will be using less product on your face. This will allow more shape to your contour points, and for those of you who don’t know where they are, you can find them around your jawline, cheekbones, hairline, and parameter. As for products, these products are all recommended by make-up artists – so advice you can trust!

Test Shades on Your Jawline To Find Mr/Mrs. Right!

When looking for the right foundation shade for you, the best way to test it out is on your jawline. Why? When applying foundation there, it melts into the skin. Some products recommended by professionals are Perfect Blend Foundation Stick ($10) for women of color up to about a cinnamon skin tone and for darker shades Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation. These makeup lines have a range of different tones to choose from!

Make Your Eye-Lids Pop

As well as foundation, getting your eyeshadow right is also important for your big day look. Some colors that suit dark skin tones well tend to be purples, greens, coppers, etc. If you aren’t looking for bright colors and would rather tone it down a bit, smokey eyes are always a great way to do this. A great eyeshadow palette that can be used not just for your special day but for use afterward is Juvia’s Place Nubian. These are eyeshadow kits that are perfect for women with darker skin tones and are reasonably priced.

Wedding makeup darker skin

Warm and Neutral Tones Are Your Friends

Whether it is eyeshadows or lipsticks, neutral shades can work. If the neutral shade is wrong, it can make your skin look chalky. This is a big NO for your wedding day. Warmer hues in your lips and eyes mean that it will compliment your skin better. Instead of silver or ivory tones to match your dress, why not try caramel and gold too!

Vibrant Blush for A Healthy Glow

If you are someone who doesn’t like to wear a lot of foundation, blush is the secret going forward. Depending on what kind of blush you go for, it can restructure your face. So, you need to choose the right color, the right application, and most importantly – the right product! You don’t want any clown vibes ruining your wedding makeup, or your guests won’t be the only ones laughing.  Blush comes in different forms, so choose the one that’s right for you. You can go with powder, liquid, or cream texture. For real show-stopping looks, it’s better for darker skin to go with the liquid or cream textures. It can add more fluidity to the skin. These can be applied with a make-up sponge or lightly dabbing it with your fingers.

If you really want that shine effect to make your wedding pictures pop, apply blush to your cheekbones. The best way to find where to do this is simply smiling and applying the blush to the curved part of your cheek. If your face is round, apply blush in the crook of your cheeks. Both will help you get a beautiful yet natural-looking result.

It is common for darker skin to absorb color, so why not explore? If you choose pink, plum, or fuchsia-style colors for your blush, it will help make your skin glow.

A Mouth Worth A Thousand Kisses

You want your lips to look the part for when you pucker up after your “I do.” For those with dark skin, the upper lip is naturally darker than the bottom. Before applying lipstick, draw the outline of the lips with a semi-matte dark pencil. Remember: you want to balance the complexion of your lips and not draw attention to the outline of your mouth.

Some people struggle with having ‘too thin’ lips. If this is you, try drawing the outline on the outside and then add some lip gloss. By doing this, you can add a bit of volume to your mouth and make it look fuller.

As we keep saying – color is your friend! If you’ve applied colorful blush, why not colorful lips to match? Depending on how far you want to push the boat out, try a range of colors from nudes, pinks, oranges, or reds. The blush and the lipstick must be in perfect harmony.

Wedding makeup

Your special day is going to be one to remember. You don’t want the worry of looking back on your pictures and not liking your makeup. Like any wedding, everything down to the last detail needs to be perfect. Try these small changes, and you will see a huge difference in how your makeup looks can flourish.


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