Things to Consider When Choosing an Art Medium

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Whether you are starting an art career or choosing an art school, the following article will help you choose the art media that best suits you.

Art Medium

Selecting an art medium, especially if you’re new to the arts, might be difficult. The number of art media has increased as technology has evolved, and the globe has gotten more linked. Why? Because people can now communicate their views on a global scale.

For example, many people now study how art is made on the other side of the world and vice versa. Mosaics, aerosols, watercolors, rock art, clay, floral designs, food art, oil paintings, and even the human body can be used as an art medium!

Not only is choosing a medium-difficult for beginning artists in general but it is also made even more difficult by the vast amount of mediums available. Here are some things to ask yourself; they will help you get an overview of all art mediums. Each question is followed by a list of actions you may take to assist you in determining which art medium is best for you.

What Message Are You Trying to Send Through Art?

What feelings are you attempting to evoke with your art? While we will be the first to concede that all art media may transmit any feeling, some are better suited to specific imagery/emotions than others. Because there are only two colors in black and white pencil drawings, they require a lot of shading to create a visual message.

However, that message has the potential to be both passionate and impactful. Watercolor paintings, on the other hand, open one up to the world of color and everything that can be represented via color, resulting in an entirely new variety of possible imagery.

Here is what you can do:

  • Once you’ve determined what you want to convey via art, look into the many creative methods.
  • Consider how the feelings and ideas you want to express will appear in different media.

How Much Money Are You Willing to Put Into Art?

We do not mean money when we say “invest,” at least not completely. We also refer to things like time, space, resources, and material. For example, becoming a sketch artist requires relatively little capital, as all you need is a pencil, desk, and paper to get started. However, if you want to be a potter, you will need a separate workspace, a potter’s wheel, and other odd pottery supplies.

Some of the actions include:

  • Determine how much money you have set aside for art. Then do some research to see how much art supplies for the various mediums you are interested in cost.
  • Take a look at the art space you have proposed. Is it your studio apartment’s breakfast nook? Or do you have a room or a structure in which you may create art?

What kind of Art Does It Take to Inspire You?

Choosing a medium might be as simple as thinking about the work you have liked in the past. When people are deciding what type of medium to use to produce art, they frequently choose the one that already interests them the most. Remember that your inspiration will be the fuel for your inner artist’s fire. It will be the firewood that warms your heart, enlivens your soul, and inspires you to create.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go out and look at some art. Visit a museum or gallery to see the different exhibits on display.
  • Which medium piques your interest the most? Which medium do you think you would like to work in?
  • What gallery displays or particular art pieces pique your interest in the materials employed?

What is the First Thing You Would Like to Try?

What sort of art appeals to you the most when you consider creating it? What is it that you feel obliged to make? What do you imagine yourself doing when you imagine yourself making art? What form of art do you envision in your mind’s eye when you think about art?

Take a look at the following suggestions:

Choose three art mediums that pique your interest the most. Materials for these three mediums may be purchased from a bargain art supply store. Allow yourself an hour to experiment with each media and make use of your resources. The next day, repeat the process, giving yourself an hour to experiment with the three mediums.

At this moment, don’t worry about creating a masterpiece; just keep noticing the following-

  • Which of the three art mediums made you the happiest?
  • With which of them did you have the most fun producing art?
  • Which medium elicited the most excitement and involvement from you?

What kind of Medium Would You Like to Learn More About?

Art is, indeed, a practical practice. The process of making art is indeed responsible for about 80% of artistic ability. But what about the remaining 20%? Every art medium has some theory behind it, as well as history, significant data, current approaches, methodology, and so on. What form of creative medium do you want to learn about the most, aside from making it?

Choose three art mediums that most interest you and enroll in one art class for each. Because you will master the fundamental principles of each medium, taking a class in each will give you a good sense of which art style you prefer.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting an art medium, there are numerous recommendations, ideas, and tried-and-true ways to consider. But, at the end of the day, this is your decision, and your thoughts, feelings, and conclusions about various creative forms will eventually guide you in selecting a medium.

Get started, try out a few different mediums, and may your passion for the arts improve your life forever!


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