What is Taupe and how should I use it?

What is Taupe and how should I use it? – words Alan Woods

As important the color in interior design is, there is no doubt there; doubt appears in moments of uncertainty, moments in which we are to decide the path we’re going to go down on.

Color offers depth, color shapes our lives so one ought to question the immense presence of stark white interior design indoors, why so many interior designs choose to be so radically different when compared to the natural habitat that surrounds us. Our world is not black and white, our worlds are wearing colors and our worlds are defined by balance more than anything else. Here Taupe comes in.

Taupe is an intrinsic part of our world, is surrounds us all and it defines our environments; it inhales and exhales life.

What is taupe exactly one might ask himself then?

Is it a color?

Kind of, the color term would not be used correctly actually when we talk about taupe as taupe describes basically a wide variety of hues and colors, a pallet that can move from grayish browns up to dark tan, a pallet that can be defined by coziness and warmth packed in an elegant, soft, delicate and comfortable look, a color palette with exceptional results in interior design, one that generates spectacle, life and beauty. Therefore the taupe color does not exist but there is a taupe palette.

How to use the taupe palette? Cast a glance on the gallery below and surge inspiration.

Fabulous Rich Taupe Living Room Designs

In the living room taupe can be inserted at any level at all yet the case in which taupe covers the entire theme with a great variety of colors that create an elegant contrast between one-another is absolutely splendid. In these settings certain elements of silver, certain golden hues do stand out, especially when animated by light.


Notice how above the chandelier through shape stands out along with accent textures like the one the coffee table and the highly delicate one on the chests and boxes. A splendid composition nestling extraordinary items in a balanced state.


Here a colder atmosphere is been shaped through a wide array of silver hues; the herringbone pattern on the pillows stand out through density, the beautiful wooden texture on the coffee table offers depth and can be perceived yet the truly sculptural presence in the pictures is taken by the silver spheres, on the horizon line bigger one sculpting the space around it beautifully.

A Comfortable Taupe Bedroom Design

The presence of top hues in the bedroom are comfortable to say the least, its presence in contemporaneity`s bedroom being immense. This is mainly to the extraordinary calming effect of the color palate, it contains soothing, comforting colors that everyone would love to have around, all these whilst being extremely elegant and delicate.


An all taupe color palate in the bedroom too is complemented by golden accents and light, the overall image being timeless.


In a more neutral bedroom composition the inhabitant ought to use slight contrasts inside the palette to create a delicate depth; here the gray pink pillows on the two greyed-purpled bedding are offering a discrete elegant slight of contrast.

Small pure black elements balance a corner with the help of greenery, emphasizing the composition a great deal.

Glamour in Sumptuous Taupe Bathrooms


The proper marble texture makes statement to the taupe color palette and so are the ceramics that complement it here, creating depth in an otherwise small bathroom.

Mirrors and proper light emphasize the feeling of space.

A dense environment requires sculptural accents, items able to distress the density in order to become focal points.

Here the detailed taupe and flooring have chosen taupe yet the side table chose a red gold hue and so did the lighting fixtures which, through they`re presence, sculpt space. The bathtub presents a sculptural form dressed in white as well, a light-weight element in a dense space.


The accents do wear white here yet the principle remains clear, sculptural bathtub in white, dense taupe complemented by flooring and furnishing and sculptural lamp.


Here silver accents and the natural light that flood the interiors are key.

Coziness and Warmth in Taupe Kitchens

Regardless of the design line the kitchen is defined on, at its best, by coziness and warmth, it is the social core that animates our home, here we meet most often our family, here we make big and small announcements, here we spend time with friends and family.

It will come as no surprise then that here too the comforting and elegant taupe colors dominate, creating a very soft, delicate atmosphere through various means.


The contrast here has been constructed between flooring and ceiling, intermediate furnishings wearing a warm grey where flooring captures well textured hardwood that grounds the composition.

Silver accents do present themselves in this well illuminated interior.


A dense scenery, one that uses a taupe hue close to olive green  complements a brick texture whilst maintaining communication with a marble top and a ceramic flooring, the three latter mentioned textures although different remaining in the same chromatic area.

Black is used here to highlight certain elements yet the focal point chromatically is absent, through presence the kitchen hood standing out.

Welcoming Hallway in Taupe 


Last but certainly not least, the place in which taupe truly dominates is the hallway, taupe dominates intermediate spaces with great success, as the palette covers the soothing calming end, inviting tones that we actually all seek consciously or unconsciously.

We do succeed and whether we talk about ceramics, wooden textures or simply flat wall colors, taupe is there, in our homes, emphasizing our space and making our home inviting, cozy and warm.

What do you think? How do you see taupe? We would love to hear your valuable feedback on the subject in the comment section below.

What is Taupe and how should I use it? – words Alan Woods


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