Whiskey cocktail recipes you need to know

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Whiskey cocktail recipes
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There are a lot of perks to being a home bartender. You get to test your drink making skills, have some fun adding a bit of theatre to your mixing, and also your home becomes the best gathering spot for pretty much everyone who loves a good drink. Eventually however, the basic recipes only take you so far, and soon your guests are clamoring for more elaborate drinks.

If you like making Whiskey Cocktails, then here are some of the best recipes that you need to add to your drink making repertoire in order to impress your friends! After all, you can only serve a whiskey on the rocks or an old fashioned so many times before it gets a little dull!

The Best Whiskey Cocktail Recipes You Should Try Mixing

Paris Between The Wars

This whiskey is interesting enough because of the name, because you would think that this drink has an amazing story behind it. This cocktail was invented in New Orleans and that’s about all we know. It also features hard ciders to mellow out the stronger whiskey taste, perfect for those who like a little more fruit in their drinks. It also combines bitter Campari, rich Scotch, and sparkling hard cider with lemon and simple syrup.

This gives you a party in your mouth as your palette deals with the sweetness, bitterness, and tartness of the ingredients all at once, and it is a very interesting drink. 

Gaelic Punch

There’s nothing that makes you feel more connected to the ancient world than drinks that share the name with an ancient civilization, and this old fashioned recipe wll help you connect to the world of the Gauls. If you’ve got a hot and young Irish whiskey, then the Gaelic punch will be able to punch you right in the taste buds.

Combining the whiskey with sugar, water, nutmeg and lemon slices and lemon zest, will all ensure that you are drinking a hot drink that will leave a warm feeling inside of you all night!

Chocolate and Whiskey Liquor

Well, while most cocktails tend to contain fruit… chocolate can technically be considered a fruit, so it makes the list! By combining corn syrup, water, vanilla beans, chocolate, milk, cream, and whiskey, you get a wonderful drink that can add a flair to any boozy dessert. It is perfect to drink on its own, or you can pour it over ice cream or any other dessert. Plus, the best thing you can add more chocolate and sugar, or add in more whiskey if you want to change the taste around.

In Cold Blood

This drink might chill your blood a bit as you combine rye whiskey, a sweet vermouth, cynar, an ice cube, and a lemon twist. It’s an easy one step drink that has you mix everything in a glass and then you can add as much salt and lemon as you like to have a good taste. The big benefit of this drink is how customizable it is, meaning that everyone who tries it is going to find what combination of flavors they like.

The Felicitation Punch

Wherever your Feleliciation is, it is going to be punched whenever you mix this drink. It’s a very fruity flavor that is a bit milder than some on this list, and remains tart while trying to mimic the taste of an older style of gin. Ingredients such as simple syrup, lemon juice, club soda, and ice help to dull out the taste of the maraschino liquor and the Irish whiskey. 

It’s a tart drink that is perfect on a hot summer day whenever you are craving something a little stronger than lemonade or tea.

The Rock ‘n’ Rolla

Of course, sometimes you just want to have a little fun when making drinks, and the Rock ‘n’ Rolla is a drink that allows you to do that. It’s a perfect fall drink that gives you some apples, allspice, and maple syrup, all together in a drink that offers up all the flavors of fall in one mouthful. Plus, after a few of these drinks, you might even feel limber enough to start rocking and rolling yourself!

Experiment and Explore With Your Cocktails

Of course, the cocktail recipes you ‘need’ to know are subjective. Look for whiskey cocktails that you will enjoy making. Cocktails that are filled with the flavors that you care about, and you will always enjoy making those.


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