The 5 Imported Italian Cookies You Have to Try

words Alexa Wang

Those who have ever visited Italy probably remember the sights, sounds, and smells. It’s a country that perfectly combines antiquity with a modern flair. There are New World clubs that stay open all night, and charming piazzas that bask in the sun, the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with a Chianti bottle and some company.

For many, though, Italy means the many flavors you can find in the meals, beverages, desserts, and snacks. For instance, Italian cookies are some of the world’s best. You can sometimes find them in specialty food stores, but in the modern era, you can also order them online from several different websites.

We’ll take a moment today to talk about five of our absolute favorites from Yummy Bazaar. Whether you’re a native Italian or you only visited Tuscany for one magical summer, these flavors are sure to bring you back.

Italian Cookies

Mulino Bianco Cookies

If you want Italian food online, and cookies in particular, you might look for the Mulino Bianco line before any others. You find these cookies everywhere in Italy, and if you’ve never tried them before, you’ll quickly understand why they’re so popular.

Yummy Bazaar features several of their best-known and loved options, such as Batticuori Chocolate Cookies, their Nascondini Cookies with Chocolate, the Girotondi Biscuits, and the Chicche Cacao Cookies.

They are all very rich and flavorful, as most Italian cookies are, but our favorite is the Chicche Cacao. They are satisfying crunchy, yet the interior is chewy, and the chocolate flavor is very smooth and complex, heavy on the cocoa aftertaste. The Girotondi Biscuits are the only option that comes without chocolate, and they are more reminiscent of a Danish butter cookie.

The Mulino Bianco Fig Cookie

Though this is another cookie that comes from the popular Mulino Bianco brand, we’re mentioning this one separately because it’s somewhat of a departure from the others. While the first ones we reviewed are more chocolate or butter cookie-themed, this is the one Mulino Bianco cookie on Yummy Bazaar that delves into fruit fillings.

These are fig cookies that are not unlike the American Fig Newton. However, these are heavier and have a more cake-like exterior. The fig filling is somewhat similar to jam that you’d spread on toast in the morning. The flavors complement each other exquisitely.

Quadratini Cookies

Quadratini is another popular Italian cookie that you encounter all over the place. Like Mulino Bianco, they have several tantalizing options, several of which you can find on Yummy Bazaar at reasonable prices.

Among the ones the site offers are Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Chocolate, Tiramisu, Vanilla, and Cappuccino. You’re not going to find any bad ones, but the Tiramisu and Cappuccino flavors get an honorable mention.

The Tiramisu one is incredibly indulgent. It really does call a chef-crafted tiramisu to mind. The cappuccino one tastes a bit like light and sweet coffee, but it also has a dulce de leche aftertaste that you’re not likely to find with many other mass-produced cookie options.

Blueberry Yoghurt Quadratini Wafers

We’re giving the Blueberry Yoghurt flavor, also from Quadratini, their own separate mention. These are somewhat of a departure from the rest of the line but definitely worth trying.

Like the others, they are light, flaky wafers that are crunchy on the outside but creamy toward the center as they dissolve in your mouth. This one is sweet but also a little tart. The blueberry flavor might be more your speed if you’d prefer a non-chocolate or coffee-flavored treat, and you want something fruity instead.

The Mulino Blanco Tarallucci Cookie

This last one is another Mulino Blanco specialty, and it’s another one of our favorites because of its versatility. It’s another butter cookie variety, this one like a small disk that’s stamped with a charming imprint. It depicts a bucolic farmyard scene with a wagon wheel and what looks like a cottage in the background.

What’s so nice about this one is that it’s fine on its own, but you can also spread things on it if you’d like. We find that it goes nicely with a little strawberry or raspberry jam. You can get creative with these or enjoy them on their own.

Yummy Bazaar also has some excellent bagged Italian pasta, truffle oils, and several other worthwhile options, so you might decide to grab some of those while indulging your sweet tooth. You can easily enjoy Italian taste in the states with this marvelous website.  


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