4 Essential Holidays for the Recently Retired

words Al Woods

After many years of early starts, tiring days, and office politics, retiring from work is a delightful prospect. Increased leisure time and the ability to travel without time and date restrictions mean that most people have plans to explore abroad as soon as they retire – and it is easy to see why!

However, such a dramatic change of pace in day-to-day life can be daunting and finances in particular are a common source of concern. Many soon-to-be retirees are unsure of splashing out on long-held travel dreams when relying on their pension and savings as opposed to a yearly wage.

Although travel may seem like a non-essential luxury, retirees owe it to themselves to tick off bucket list destinations while they can. Set aside a holiday fund when organising spending and discuss your budget with financial planning advisors for assurance on what is affordable. That way, retirement adventures can be planned with total peace of mind. Get inspiration for a special celebration with these four essential holidays for the recently retired.

Essential travel Retired

Route 66, USA

There is no road trip on the planet more iconic than Route 66, a 2,300-mile journey from Chicago to Los Angeles which passes through eight states and showcases the incredible beauty and diversity of the US. Experience history, scenery, and mouthwatering meals at each key stop and make the journey unique to you by travelling at your own pace. Another benefit of Route 66 is that there is no language barrier for UK tourists, making it a relatively easy trip.

Rajasthan, India

India is another popular choice with recent retirees, particularly in the last decade after the film ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ highlighted the country as an exciting and accessible destination for the older traveller. Rajasthan epitomises the allure of India, flooded with awe-inspiring architecture, bustling markets, and colourful festivals. It is also somewhere that can offer plenty in terms of luxury, enabling tourists to be adventurous in style. Elevate a trip to Rajasthan by staying in high-end heritage accommodation that will not fail to ‘wow’.

Northern Lights

Many people have the Northern Lights on their bucket list. The otherworldly quality of this spectacular night sky display has fascinated people for millennia and seeing it in person is guaranteed to be an event you never forget, making it a great way to mark your retirement. Choose from a variety of great places to see the Northern Lights including Norway, Iceland, and Greenland, each offering a slightly different version of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Essential Holidays Retired

Safari, South Africa

You can’t beat South Africa when it comes to wildlife, so look no further for close sightings of the world’s most majestic animals. Be immersed in nature and stay at a luxury lodge on the edge of a national park, and explore the surroundings by jeep, on foot, and from the air. Reconnect with nature and remember what it was like to live without technology.

Celebrate the end of a working career by rediscovering a passion for life and the beauty of the world through one of these essential holidays for the recently retired. What better way to kickstart an exciting new chapter?


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