Six world famous dishes you should master at home

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Six world famous dishes you should master at home – words Al Woods

It’s common for parents to teach their kids how to cook delicious meals. Unfortunately, everything you learn to cook usually comes from your own culture. It means you need to visit expensive restaurants all over the city when you want to sample other delights.

Why don’t you learn how to master a few world famous dishes at home. You’ll be able to eat them on a regular basis, so the whole family will adore you. There are lots of options you’ll be able to choose from, but here are some extremely popular ones.


Indian Curries

There are various countries that offer amazing curries, but none come close to India. Even if you only learn how to cook one dish you’ll be in heaven. You might use ingredients you didn’t even know existed.

You’ll get to cook with saffron, ghee, yogurt, tamarind, and lots of other goodies. Spend time teaching yourself how to make naan bread from scratch too. If you want to focus more on the main dish get a rice cooker.

Italian Pastas

If a hardcore Italian ordered pasta in an American restaurant they would probably spit it out. We tend to drown everything in thick sauces, whereas Italians seem to do the exact opposite. You don’t want pasta dishes to look like soup.

A traditional sauce might include ingredients like fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil. You would top it with grated cheese and fresh olives. You’ll see a pattern emerging because the pasta should be fresh too.

Japanese Sushi

Sushi has skyrocketed in popularity over the years because it’s healthy. Sadly, it’s not exactly authentic. Any Japanese person will tell you the only way to taste real sushi is when you cook at home.

You can’t mess up the rice if you want an authentic taste. Vinegar, salt, and sugar must be heated before you add it to your rice. You need to use a variety of fish too, so don’t stick to salmon and tuna like most people.

Australian Fish’ N Chips

Anyone who visits Australia will usually spend a little time down the beach eating fish’ n chips. Surprisingly, the deep fried fish still looks healthy, plus it tastes like someone ran outside and grabbed it straight from the ocean.

When it’s ready to serve you should use a newspaper instead of plates. Don’t forget to add salt and vinegar. Food manufacturers in Melbourne make a delicious tartare sauce and you should try to make one too.

Mexican Burritos

The hardest thing about making burritos is trying to find a combination you love. Think of the meal like a work of art you need to put together. You need to add the right ingredients if you want your mouth to start watering.

When getting started you’ll need tortillas, rice, beans, meat, cheese, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. Prepare all of them in bulk and you’ll be able to serve multiple juicy burritos to the whole family.

Spanish Paella

Paella was first introduced to the world in Valencia, and some say it’s still the best place to eat it. Hopefully the city won’t be able to compete with you in a few months. It’s hard to believe a Spanish rice dish is so popular.

It might be because they throw almost any meat and seafood you can imagine into it. You can have a mixture of rabbit, crab, sausage, chicken, snails, lobster, and much more. It’s a great meal to bring your family together.

Don’t Limit Yourself to These Dishes

You could learn how to cook a famous dish from every country on the planet. Don’t limit yourself to the ones we’ve talked about today if you don’t love them. Hopefully they did send your imagination into overdrive.

Six world famous dishes you should master at home – words Al Woods


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