Why your audio system needs a subwoofer?

Why your audio system needs a subwoofer? – words Al Woods

Creating the right sound atmosphere when you listening to music or watching a movie is impossible without a low-frequency component — bass. In the lower frequency, register plays many musical instruments, both acoustic and electronic, and most of the spectacular scenes in the movie created using bass. To play them correctly, you need a specially prepared speaker system.

The reason why many lovers of high-quality sound use subwoofers are that the sets of traditional acoustics can’t fully reproduce the bass, which is recorded in musical compositions or soundtracks of movies. It is simply impossible. For the transfer of deep and powerful low-frequencies contained in R & B music or tracks of modern blockbusters, you need speakers with a woofer with a diameter of at least 8 inches. In addition, these are not marketing gimmicks, but laws of physics.


Does the cable affect the sound

The cable for a subwoofer, which, as a rule, comes with it in a set and is considered to be universal, in fact, greatly affects the sound quality, and not for the better, as practice has shown. Learn more about this – subwoofer cable vs RCA.

Use in stereo

If you have a stereo system, you need a subwoofer to give depth to the generated sound image. Put simply, you cannot get the full sound of your system without it. This is especially suitable for recordings with powerful bass.

If you are a fan of home theater, then you need a subwoofer. Powerful explosions, peals of thunder during a thunderstorm in films sound much better if there is a subwoofer in the system. Without this, you simply will not experience those emotions from the film, which the director laid in it.

The first advantage is quite pragmatic. The subwoofer is most often used in conjunction with bookshelf acoustics. Since the latter requires less space, and it can sound equally impressive on both large and small areas, the subwoofer will very organically complement the overall sound picture, adding to it the necessary bass. And the owner of the system will not have to wrestle with where to install large speakers.

The second advantage is not so obvious, although it is directly interrelated with the first. The fact is that the sound of a shelving speaker system often has a higher degree of localization compared to floor speakers, so the listener gets a much more spacious sound panorama. At the same time, one of the most problematic moments in a home audio system is matching its sound with the listening room and, in particular, correct bass reproduction. And the use of a subwoofer allows you to get a more manageable, deep and clear bass, the direction of the sound of which the human ear is not so clearly localized.

So, we find out in general what a subwoofer is and why it is needed. This article provides only the basic information about using this component of an audio system.


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