7 tips and tricks to help you win in Escape from Tarkov

words Al Woods

Like the latest shooter game Escape from Tarkov? Well, here are the 7 best tips and tricks to help you play it like a legend. 

Escape from Tarkov

Since the day Escape from Tarkov was released, it has gained unexpected momentum in the gaming world. The game has exceptional out-of-the-world graphics to give you a real-time experience. 

The entire game is based on a war between two private military companies in the Norvinsk region. The game also features amazing designs with complex maps and exciting features. If you are a beginner, gear up to play a hardcore first-person shooter game where you have to survive the war. If you want to know more about some exciting tips and cheats, check them out at battlelog.co/eft-escape-from-tarkov-hacks-cheats-aimbot/.

7 best tips and tricks

1. Complete the quests 

If you are a beginner, start taking part in as many quests as possible. Quests give you bonuses and extra practice to play the main war and perform the task of picking special items at the enemy zone. In addition, they give you an experience of the war and teach you new ways to use various weapons. 

As you take up each quest, you unlock new weapons, get access to the latest equipment, and get points to buy other special items. 

2. Play the bots

Escape from Tarkov provides a great offer of playing with computer bots both online and offline. The bots are way more powerful and strategic than regular players. So playing against them gives full-fledged experience to hone your gaming skills. 

Playing against the computer bots will not unlock any levels or help you gain new items. But it can improve your points and your score based on your strengths and skills. 

3. Insurance your gear 

The easiest way to make sure the gear stays safe is by insuring it. The equipment can be insured by either Prapor, where the looted items can get back to you within 24 – 36 hours, or a Therapist, where the stolen items take 12 hours to return to you. 

Escape from Tarkov only provides 72 hours to claim the items once they return into your wallet or else lose them. The best way to make sure the gear remains with you is by hiding the entire gear in a corner or a bush when you are about to die in the game. You will still have the equipment for your next game. 

4. Protect your limbs

The character has 435 health points in this game, and a significant percent resides in the limbs. The color determines the health of the gamer after an attack. Grey means you need medical care, while black means extreme damage. 

Medkit can help you revive your health at any time but go for CMS kit or Surv12 Surgical kit if your limbs are attacked drastically. Healing traditionally will put you in an easy position to be attacked. Use morphine or instant painkillers to give you enough strength to get your medkit. 

5. Catch Ammo 

Escape from Tarkov’s crucial part is its Ammos and their types. The Ammos give immense boosts to all your weapons, but you need to know which Ammo goes with which weapon. You cannot use the same for every weapon. 

There is a massive guide on the Ammos list from the game. It adds flair to your arsenal to face your enemies. Having a vast amount of Ammo while playing a multiplayer game will add extra points to your team and give you a strategic advantage over the opponent team. 

6. Utilize secure container 

As you rise from one to another level, your assigned secure container grows in size. As a result, you can hide all your weapons in it without worrying about getting looted. In addition, the game offers precious items that cannot be carried around everywhere.

They can be put into a secure container and taken out whenever the situation arises. The container allows you to store rare items and helps you retain them even after you die for the next set of the game. 

7. Be a SCAV

In Escape from Tarkov, SCAV is the scavenger mode of gear. Once you activate SCAV, you will not be attacked or harmed by your enemies, nor will you lose your gear. 

The only drawback with the SCAV mode is its cooling time. So you cannot activate it all the time, and it needs a long recharge time. 


Escape from Tarkov is a very intriguing game that will attract any gaming enthusiast. It has a wide range of weapons, maps, and different kinds of quests. In addition, it offers you a real-time shooting gaming experience. Well, now you have the tips and the tricks to rock the game. So play it like a pro!


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