How to make sure your brand stands out

 How to make sure your brand stands out – words Alexa Wang

When it comes to starting up a business, building your brand can take time. This time consuming task than comes with the added challenge of maintaining it, and making sure that your brand stands out among your competitors in the market.

Whether you opt for your own custom plastic carrier bags, or taking to social media to promote to your hearts content, there are more than just a few ways to promote your business and ensure they stand out, and we’ve gathered together just a few.


Use your quirks and differences to your advantage.

This might seem like a given, but if there’s something unique and different about your brand, or even you as a person, then use it. If you have a silly sense of humour and a quirky brand, put the two together to attract the right audience online. If you have a more serious, elegant brand and want that to be portrayed, find something about what you sell or provide that is different from everyone else in that market and promote that as much as you can. It’s your differences that will draw people to you and not someone else. Hiring someone that can handle the design part of your site can really help your company, Visual Marketing is perfect when you are trying to attract new customers.

Make sure your brand is cohesive.

By this we basically mean make sure that everything matches. If you have an elegant service, and a childlike promotion, you’ll be attracting the wrong audience for the service you can provide. Ensuring that everything from the vibe you give off through to your colours and fonts all match and promote exactly what you’re trying to promote. A mismatched brand will only bring in cold leads and confuse your consumers, and no one wants to be confused. For a strong, stand-out brand, make sure that everything is cohesive!


If you want your brand to stand out, people have to find you first. A brand will lose its value if it’s not there to be seen, so making sure that you are discoverable and present, at least online, is the best thing you can do for your business. Create a single profile on a range of different social media sites that are relevant to your brand, and promote from here! Word of mouth is one of the most trusted methods of promotion, so get your brand out there and watch as people spread the word for you once they find you.

Professionalism is key.

Even if you’re promoting services for children or something fun and quirky, professionalism is key to a strong, stand-out brand. If you have a lot of photos involved in your business, consider investing in a professional photographer, or at least find someone who can take a professional-looking shot. Similarly, investing in a professional photo of you, and perhaps even your employees can help strengthen your brand too. Friendly, inviting photos that make you appear trustworthy will warm customers to you before they even speak with you or interact with your brand.

Customer Service is also key.

If you have bad customer service, your brand won’t last very long at all. Word of mouth spreads fast and just as customers will spread good word about you, they’ll spread bad things too. If they have a less than favourable interaction with your company, that kind of news will spread and reflect badly on your company as a whole. If you treat your customers like royalty, however, you’ll find the same happens, but with good reflections and even better reviews. Taking a little extra effort to treat you customers well will do wonders for your brand, so make sure you take out that time.

 How to make sure your brand stands out – words Alexa Wang


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