How to make your car Uber ready

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Uber is a ridesharing service that has taken the world by storm. The service helps everyone involved, those with cars get to earn money and those without a car get to enjoy a great experience without having to go behind the wheel or invest in their own car.

The demand for new drivers and vehicles are on the rise, therefore, the company is always looking to welcome new drivers with cars that qualify.

You can even find Uber cars for lease since people look at it as an opportunity to make some money on the side. When you lease a car, you do not have to buy your own. It’s simple. However, if you have your own car then you must make sure to make it Uber ready.

uber ready

However, it’s not a piece of cake to drive for Uber. There are many factors involved that need to be considered if you wish to pass their test.

The company will check everything, from your capabilities to your car’s condition. On your part, you must be qualified to drive with a valid license and a good record. For your car, well let’s have a look at some of the factors that you need to consider to make your car Uber ready:

Vehicle Requirements

Uber has made a strict criteria for drivers to sign up for Uber services. This is because a lot of complaints were being filed regarding poor driving from the drivers and many incidents occurring due to their lack of handling skills and knowledge. Also, the quality of cars was being questioned as well.


Keeping the complaints in mind, Uber has tightened their evaluation criteria. Following are the requirements that you need to follow if you wish to be Uber ready and have your car being used for ride sharing services:

  • Your vehicle should not be older than a 2006 model.
  • A 4 door car, minivan or a truck is acceptable for the services that can seat at least 5 people, 4 passengers and a driver.
  • The vehicles shouldn’t be damaged.
  • Vehicles must pass the vehicle inspection criteria.
  • Vehicle should be insured on driver’s full name.

Sign Up With Uber

The process to sign up with Uber is very simple. All you need to do is have 3 things with you.

  • Driver’s License.
  • Registered Car.
  • Proof Of Vehicle Insurance

While filling out your application you need to provide your driver’s licence number so that your profile can checked through the driver’s database of your state.

Your car should be registered, meaning, you must have all the papers and proof of being the owner of the car.


Lastly, you must be having vehicle insurance for your car. This is important to provide safety in case of an accident or mishap.

Get Your Car Inspected

If your car meets the above points then your next step should be to get your car inspected as it is an Uber requirement if you wish to get your car registered and Uber ready, companies like Hire Brid can sort all of this out for you & let you rent a pre-approved car.

File an application with the required details and you’ll be directed to a few locations to get your car inspected.

The inspection involves checking for all the parts of your car to ensure its condition. Make sure your car is working fine (brakes, engine, doors etc.) before you get your car inspected.

uber ready

It would also be a wise decision to correct all issues prior to registration and inspection so that the risk of getting rejected is not there.

Make Sure Your Car Is Spotless

Uber accepts cars that are good in terms of presentation. Do not get your car for inspection while it is covered with dirt, stains etc. Wash it thoroughly, remove stains so that it could be presented in a good state.


So you see, the process of getting your car Uber ready is so simple and a great way to make a lot of money without investing much.


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