Get your wardrobe ready for AW17

Get your wardrobe ready for AW17 – words Alexa Wang

It might still be August, but in the fashion world we’re already looking towards autumn winter. After all, the seasons can change quickly and it’s important that your wardrobe is ready for the inevitable arrival of the colder months.

As much as we’d like to hold on to our summer dresses and crop tops, autumn and winter brings with it a whole new approach to fashion.

Making sure your clothing collection is ready for this transition is key; after all, you don’t want to be stuck in summer when everyone else is stocking up on their winter staples! We don’t want to wish away the last of the summer, and it may be hard to think about autumn and winter fashion right now, but preparation in the fashion industry is essential. So, if you’re already on the lookout for the hottest pieces for AW17, you’ve come to the right place.


AW17 Fashion

Heading into autumn and winter can sometimes require a transitional approach; after all, we have been known to have a warm September and even October on occasion, so you might want to hold off on the huge winter coats for now. Instead, there are some pieces that are perfect for gradually adjusting to the new season.

Making sure you include these pieces in your wardrobe can ensure you’re prepared for all weathers, from those chilly autumn days to those sudden bursts of sunshine. Just as you don’t want to let your summer collection go, neither will your customers, so don’t expect September to see an abrupt change to winter clothing!

Culotte trousers

As the temperatures begin to drop with the last of summer, we may forego our love for shorts and skirts in favour of a more practical choice. Culotte trousers are a popular choice for transitioning from one season to another, with their casual shorter style; no one wants to be thinking about thick leggings or jeans for protection from the winter just yet!

Culottes give a chic appearance to any outfit, and can be dressed up or down as you wish. They actually became popular in the Victorian era, as women became much more active in regards to cycling and horse riding, and skirts simply weren’t practical. Since then, wide-legged culottes have been a firm favourite. Styled with a pair of heels or structured flats, softer shapes are much more flattering.

Frill detail blouses

As we encounter a little bit more of a chill in the coming months, we naturally look to cover up a little more; but this doesn’t mean sacrificing style or compromising on design. Blouses have become somewhat of a staple, especially in workwear collections, but who’s to say they can’t become your go-to for AW17? The trick is to liven up your blouses a little more and give them a bit of character.

Enhancing the sleeves with the recent and popular trend of frills can add a feminine touch to a blouse, while floral print holds on to summer in just the right amount. Choosing brighter colours can ensure your collection isn’t diving too deep into winter just yet; orange-reds and mustard yellows keep that much-needed injection of colour prevalent.

Denim jackets

Whether you like it or not, the season of braving it without a jacket may well be over. However, you don’t have to reach for your duffle coat or woollen cardigan just yet. A great transitional piece as we head into AW17 is the denim jacket; lightweight for the season but still giving the right amount of protection from the elements.

Giving you that extra layer when you’re heading out the door, a denim jacket gets you in the style all year round. If denim isn’t your thing, opt for a leather jacket. It carries the same purpose but adds a little edge to your wardrobe.

Personalised Clothing

If you find yourself struggling to find clothes that you like in the shops, then why not make your own? Nothing stands out more than being unique and there is no greater feeling than responding to the usual “where did you get your outfit from?” with “well, actually, I made it myself!”. The Clothing People can make your visions a reality with just a few simple clicks and leave you looking fashionable and AW17 ready. Whether there is a simple logo that you like or a quote – your favourite designs can be made into a personalised dream!

Get your wardrobe ready for AW17 – words Alexa Wang



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