10 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

10 Best Apps to Train Your Brain – words Al Woods


Neurosurgeons routinely point out that 33% of the volume of the brain is comprised of blood vessels. Healthy blood flow to the brain is one of the most effective ways of maintaining mental acuity.

Brain training is a great way to zero in on the brain’s intellectual abilities by boosting brainpower. Contrary to popular belief, escapism is an effective means of training your brain by relieving stress and anxiety factors. Good mental health is a recipe for a successful life, and brain games can certainly help you to achieve mental sharpness, improve powers of concentration, and to develop strategy-solving abilities. The top 10 best apps to train your brain include these exciting attractions: 


Elevate by Elevate Labs is a brain training game. Rated E for everyone, this fantastic mind game has received Google’s Editor’s Choice Award for excellence in gaming. With some 232,146 reviewers and a stellar 4.5/5 rating, this game is perfect for mental stimulation. Already 15 million people have downloaded this exciting brain training game. Elevate allows you to sharpen your cognitive skills, improve your self-confidence, and boost your productivity. According to stats, players who use the game at least 3 times a week indicate improved confidence and strong gains in productivity. Elevate offers 40+ great games to help you with mathematics, memory, cognitive abilities, and understanding. You can track your performance while you’re playing, and enjoy personalized mental workouts.

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is one of the hottest attractions by Rosetta Stone Canada. This education game is rated E for everyone, and it’s a great way to use science to train your brain. Fully personalized training sessions are available to players, making for a fantastic interactive experience. Fit brains trainer has received a #1 rating across 90 countries, and a free trial is available to get you started. This brain training system features 60 levels, 500 workout sessions, and an incredible array of personalized reports. If it’s mental stimulation you’re looking for, brain training can help to boost your IQ. The areas of the brain that are targeted by this game include visual and spatial, language, problem-solving abilities, processing speed, concentration span, and memory. Fit Brains Trainer is definitely worth checking out!

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Left Versus Right: Brain Training

If you’re looking to train your brain, MochiBits may have the solution for you. Left Versus Right: Brain Training offers you mental sharpening exercises to test all aspects of your brain. These include reflex, patience, awareness, precision, adaptability, and your reasoning abilities. As a VIP member, you get to train all 6 categories every day. Regular members start out with 3 categories per day for free. You will have to gain tokens to access additional categories. This game app has received a stellar 4.5/5 rating from 59,495 reviewers. Worth checking out if you’re interested in unlocking your mind power.

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Bubble Shooter

There’s something innately fascinating about Bubbles. Perhaps it’s their geometry, their likeness to our brains, or the ‘microcosm-esque’ appearance of them. Bubbles are all-encompassing, self-contained units that all of us are inherently drawn to. The human brain has been fascinated by bubbles for millennia, and now there’s a great bubble brain game that allows you to work your way through 2000+ levels of puzzles, patterns and bubble popping. Created by Ilyon, this puzzle game allows players to take aim at multi-coloured bubbles and pop them to advance to higher levels. The game increases in complexity, sending your cerebral synapses into overdrive, with audio-visual stimulation and mental processing. It’s a fascinating game that requires a hands-on approach to tackling the complex puzzles at hand.

Apps to Train Your Brain

Relax Lite: Stress Relief

Relax Lite: Stress Relief may not fit the mould of brain training games, but it is crucial to the health and well-being of your mind. Developed by Saagara, this app recognizes the importance of calm and stress relief for mental balance. You can choose from a wide range of themed options and music to help keep your body and mind calm. This is meditation par excellence, and it is the best tonic for a well-balanced brain. Incredibly beautiful graphics and soothing audio will help you to refocus your mind and approach challenges with newfound resolve.

Apps to Train Your Brain

River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games

River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games was created by Androyal Board and is rated E for everyone. This is one of the most exciting and challenging logic-based games. It contains a series of riddles, and puzzles that will test your mental sharpness. The goal in every level of play is to move each of your characters across the river. However, you must follow the rules and limitations of the game. Stars are awarded for completed levels, and you will be awarded additional prizes for completing moves in less time. River Crossing IQ logic puzzles & fun brain games is ideal for players who enjoy strategy-based games. With a 4.5/5 rating from over 11,000 reviewers, this game is certainly a terrific addition to your list of mobile games.

Apps to Train Your Brain

Dr. Gomoku

Dr. Gomoku by SUD Inc is a fascinating strategy-based board game. It’s based on an abstract concept whereby black and white stones are used on a board to form winning combinations. Once pieces have been placed, they cannot be moved. Unlike chess, black moves first and the winner is crowned by successfully placing 5 stones diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. The rule that governs all gameplay in Dr. Gomoku is the Renju Rule. If you’re looking for a terrific brain game, this one is superb.

Apps to Train Your Brain


Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Kings, Queens, and Castles await you in one of the world’s most majestic, tactical and strategic games. Chess needs no introduction. This game is enjoyed by child prodigies and grandmasters of chess alike. Your goal is to checkmate your opponent by making it impossible for the king to move in any direction. Chess is the ultimate strategy-based game where players are required to think several moves ahead to eliminate the threat posed by their opponent, and isolate the King for the kill. There are 64 squares on the board and 8 squares on each side. Chess is the national sport of Russia, and this game app features 5 unique themes, realistic gameplay, incredible audio-visuals, and 7 difficulty levels. Rated 4.3/5 from 181,306 reviewers, this stellar game is a winner, and you can’t go wrong with chess.


Domino by App Holdings is an incredibly exciting board game that anyone can enjoy. This app provides you with multiple Domino games, multiplayer functionality, and lots of bonuses. This app provides you with rules for draw games, scoring games and blocking games. Rated 4.1/5 by over 30,556 reviewers, Domino is a great game to train your brain.


Lumosity – Brain Training is arguably one of the most hyped brain games out there. It is used by 85 million people around the world, and it is a brain training program with several dozen brain games included. So, what’s it all about? Lumosity was developed by a crack team of scientists to push cognitive abilities to the max. Dozens of university researchers are on board with these brain training games to make it as advanced, engaging, and educational as possible. It simply has to be played to be understood. This is like bench pressing for the brain. Lumosity was rated one of Google’s Best Apps in 2014, and for good reason.

10 Best Apps to Train Your Brain – words Al Woods



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