3 Causes of Elevator Accidents: Here’s What to Do

words Alexa Wang

When we step into an elevator, we assume it is safe and well-maintained. But, there are occasions when something goes wrong and an elevator accident is a result.

Some people may walk away unnerved but not injured while others may require hospitalization for their injuries. What caused the elevator to a malfunction or an accident with injuries to happen?

Elevator Accidents

Who Helps People With Personal Injury Accidents?

When a person is injured in an accident that is not their fault, they need the responsible party to pay for their injury treatment and lost days of work. This is when personal injury lawyers are helpful. Personal injuries can happen in different settings and for different reasons. What they have in common is that a person suffers an injury and incurs medical bills and lost workdays. One kind of accident that might result in injuries is an elevator accident.

There are many types of injuries the victim might suffer, including head, back, and spinal injuries, broken bones, psychological trauma, and more. There may be burns, neck injuries, or even amputated limbs. There is a timeline to follow for a successful outcome in a personal injury lawsuit. Events generally occur in the following order.

·        The accident and injuries happen.

·        The victim needs and receives medical treatment.

·        The victim hires a lawyer.

·        The lawyer and their staff investigate the case.

·        The law firm files a claim with the appropriate party on behalf of the victim.

·        The lawsuit begins.

·        The claims of the victim and the defendant are investigated and both parties provide documents and are deposed.

·        The lawsuit might go forward or there might be mediation or a settlement.

·        If the parties do not reach an agreement, the trial goes on and a judge or jury will decide the case on its merits.

Most law firms do not charge upfront fees but take a percentage of any settlement the victim is awarded. If the case is lost, the victim owes nothing.

Elevator Accidents

What Causes Elevator Accidents?

Elevator accidents have three main causes:

1. There might be engineering issues with cables or electric motors. The manufacturer might have sold an elevator with faults in the engineering system. This can lead to injuries for elevator workers and elevator riders.

2. The owner of the building the elevator is located in could be guilty of poor maintenance practices. There may have been too few inspections or poor quality inspections. Elevator maintenance could have been neglected.

3. There might have been workplace safety issues. Gaps in safety precautions could have made the elevator unsafe. OSHA regulations might not have been followed, which could cause an unsafe elevator where workers or riders could be injured in an accident.

When an elevator is not properly maintained or engineered, accidents can occur where it plunges to the bottom of the elevator shaft or gets stuck between floors for a long period of time. Some elevator accidents are caused by extraordinary events, such as the 9/11 World Trade Center being hit by two hijacked airplanes, building explosions, severe weather events, and more.

Elevator Accidents Can Be Avoided

Elevator accidents can be avoided with safe workplace practices for protection. Making sure the elevators in a building are properly engineered and installed using all safety practices and an adequate inspection and maintenance program is in place. The workers running, maintaining, and repairing elevators must be qualified and well-trained for their jobs.

When safety and maintenance procedures have been neglected, causing an elevator accident with injuries, the victims are entitled to adequate compensation.


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