5 Incredible Places to Visit in Indonesia 

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Indonesia is a popular holiday destination offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy many of its exciting attractions and activities. There is a huge variety here, from surfing Bali’s beaches, to hiking on the terraced rice fields of Ubud. The sprawling archipelago has over 17,000 islands and incredibly diverse landscapes, making it one of the best countries to explore.

To help with planning your trip to Indonesia, below are some of the most incredible places to visit. This way you can go here with all the best spots in mind! 


Set in the foothills of the famous tourist island of Bali, Ubud is an ideal base when holidaying in Indonesia. The picturesque town is best known as Bali’s cultural and artistic hub, where most travellers choose to relax after spending some time on the beautiful sandy shores. Ubud also boasts stunning nature, sacred temples, and magnificent archaeological sites, providing visitors with lots to do and see. 

If you’re seeking somewhere to truly relax and unwind, Ubud is an excellent choice for its slow pace and chilled aura. It is much greener and cooler compared to the coastal areas of Bali, providing an excellent place to explore for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You will also discover stunning panoramic views when hiking in the terraced rice fields of Tegallalang. There are even many fascinating temples to explore, such as the Gunung Kawi, nestled away in the foothills.

For those seeking fascinating culture and impressive art and history, Ubud has it all. It’s home to several museums and art galleries where you can learn about Balinese culture and history. A popular spot to check out is the Neka Museum, which showcases historical masterpieces of famous Balinese artists. For those pursuing performing arts in a breathtaking open amphitheatre, the Agung Rai Museum of Art will certainly do the trick. 

With so many exciting places to visit and fascinating sights to see, it comes as no surprise that so many choose Ubud when looking for the best places to explore in Indonesia. 


Jakarta is one of the lesser-known tourist spots in Indonesia. This lively metropolis is ideal for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere and a trip brimming with lots to see and do. 

One of the best things to do in Jakarta is to indulge in Indonesian cuisine. The city offers a diverse range of food options. You’ll find loads of hidden gems throughout the streets, alongside the chance to indulge in some fine dining experiences, for those seeking a lavish evening out in Indonesia. 

As a cosmopolitan city, Jakarta has a vibrant nightlife scene, making for another good reason to visit here. It has an incredible party atmosphere, home to many bars and nightclubs where locals and tourists alike gather to dance and enjoy the music. 

If you’re into shopping, Jakarta is sure to impress. It’s one of Southeast Asia’s best shopping destinations, offering tons of choices, from air-conditioned centres to gigantic malls. You will find a place to shop in almost every corner of Jakarta, ideal for those looking to bring home some souvenirs to remember their trip by. 


As Indonesia’s most popular island, no trip here is complete without visiting this wonderful part of the country. Those who book a luxury trip to Bali will also discover it allows them to visit several places while enjoying comfort and convenience. 

One of Bali’s biggest draws is its variety of pristine beaches. Whether you’re a surfer looking to ride the waves in Uluwatu or seeking relaxation on the secluded shores of Jimbaran, there’s a seaside spot perfect for all in Bali.  

The chilled-out lifestyle of Bali is what makes it different from anywhere else in Indonesia. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday after a sightseeing excursion in Indonesia, you will find this island to be the perfect place for you. After you have spent some time at the beautiful beaches. be sure to indulge in a relaxing pamper day at the many spas and massage centres. 

For those seeking an evening of dancing and partying, Bali won’t disappoint. It is home to Southeast Asia’s trendiest beach bars and clubs, especially in Kuta and Seminyak. This provides an ideal spot for those looking to extend their stay into the night. 

Another thing that makes Bali a popular destination is its excellent restaurants serving healthy and delicious food. As you explore the island, you’ll find green cafes and restaurants offering organic meals made from locally sourced ingredients. 

From paradisiacal sandy shores to its vibrant nightlife and plenty of sightseeing opportunities, Bali is a destination that is sure to impress a range of travellers. 

Gili Islands

The Gili Islands consist of three small isles lying off the coast of Lombok. They are among Indonesia’s most popular islands for tourists, and each offers unique charm. Boasting powdery white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, you are guaranteed to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday on your visit here. 

If you have the luxury of time, consider visiting all three islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. The most visited island is Gili Trawangan, while Gili Meno is the smallest and quietest and Gili Air is the most convenient due to its proximity to mainland Lombok.

Although most visitors would come here to relax, there are plenty of things to enjoy on the islands. With so many crystal-clear waters around Gili islands, you will find plenty of diving and snorkelling opportunities whilst visiting. No matter which island you choose to explore, there are plenty of activities here to suit a range of vacation itineraries. 

Places to Visit Indonesia

Seram Island

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination in Indonesia, choose Seram Island. This mountainous isle is home to Gunung Binaya, the highest peak in Indonesia’s Maluku Province. 

If you’re into trekking, Seram is the perfect place. The island’s mountainous interior makes it an appealing destination for hikers. One of the most popular treks will take you to Manusela National Park, starting in Hatumeti along the island’s south coast. Here you can enjoy much of the island’s dramatic landscapes and stunning scenery along the way. 

Seram is also home to some of Indonesia’s best diving and snorkelling spots. There are established dive sites at the far western end of the island, along the Hoalmoal Peninsula. If you’re into snorkelling, you will find some of the most popular snorkelling spots around Sawai.

Masohi, the main town of Seram, is a fun place to stroll around if you want to learn more about the local life. The vibe here is very laid back, and you’ll find a few guesthouses and restaurants that cater to international travellers. This is an ideal way to fully immerse yourself in the island’s culture and traditions as you spend some time exploring the area. 

No matter where you choose to go in Indonesia, you will find a place brimming with breathtaking scenery and fascinating attractions. Whether you choose to visit alone, with friends, family or with your partner, you’re sure to leave with memories to last a lifetime. 


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