5 Vegan Friend Gift Ideas

words Alexa Wang

Many people like to get their friends and family members food-related gifts. Nothing says you care about them more than purchasing some tasty treats you know they want. However, you need to remember you may have friends that have special dietary needs.

If so, you might not be sure about the best gift options for them. There are possibilities that should work nicely, though. Let’s talk about what you can get for that beloved vegan family member or friend on your list.

Vegan Gift Ideas

You Can Get Them a Goldbelly Gift Certificate

Lately, there’s a company called Goldbelly that has grown quite popular. Goldbelly is:

  • A company that’s similar to GrubHub or Doordash
  • A nationwide company rather than a city-specific one

If you’re thinking about what to get your vegan friends, this should be at the top of your list. Goldbelly, like any such service, will allow you to get food items from any restaurant in their network. They’ll ship it across the country to you.

Not all of the restaurants in the Goldbelly network will work well for vegans, but some of them will. Your vegan family member or friend can type “vegan options” or something similar into the search engine, and they will find some nice selections that should make them happy.

You Can Get Them a Doordash or GrubHub Gift Certificate

You can also get your vegan friend or family member a Doordash, Uber Eats, or GrubHub gift certificate. Like Goldbelly, this is a way that:

  • Your friend or family member can pick a restaurant they like
  • Your loved one can easily avoid any non-vegan options

The good thing about the gift certificate option is that your friend or family member has many choices available to them. Perhaps they have a favorite eatery that has vegan food specials, or maybe vegan food exclusively.

Make sure before you get it for them that they have either GrubHub or Doordash in their area since these are not available in every locale. If your friend or family member does not have either one where they live, Uber Eats is another possibility.

You Can Get Them a Vegan Cookbook

You might decide to get them a vegan cookbook. There are some phenomenal cookbooks from chefs and individuals who enjoy the vegan lifestyle. You can even compile a list of vegan recipes online yourself. It’s easy and cost-efficient too.

You can get one with lots of different options as far as appetizers, main dishes, snacks, desserts, etc. You also might get one that focuses on a particular ethnic cuisine.

You can ask the gift recipient beforehand what their favorite type of ethnic food is. Maybe you can try to slip it into conversation casually, so they won’t know what you’re getting them till they unwrap it.

You Can Get Them Some Cookware

You might have a vegan friend or family member who loves to cook. If so, you may decide to get them some high-quality cookware that you know they can use.

You can always look around their kitchen and see if they’re missing anything, or you might come right out and ask them whether there’s any one item they don’t have yet but that they want.

It’s probably best to get them a couple of high-quality cooking items rather than a bunch of cheaper ones that won’t last long. You might spend some money on a wok with some good Amazon reviews, so your friend can do a veggie stir-fry. You could get them a high-quality knife set for chopping up raw ingredients.

You could also buy them something like a Foreman Grill or an Instant Pot. These are great gifts for any foodie, regardless of their dietary preferences. 

You Can Get Them an Amazon Gift Certificate

You could also get them an Amazon gift certificate and suggest they get some vegan options. Amazon has many food items for sale, and your friend or family member can stock up on vegan staples, like dried beans, whole grains like brown rice and millet, or refined grains such as couscous or white rice.

This is a practical gift, and your vegan friend might appreciate it at a time when so many individuals are struggling to make ends meet. Stocking their pantry with things that will last a long time might be one of the nicest things you can do for them.

If none of these list options appeals to you, you can also just ask your vegan friend what they’d most enjoy. That takes away the surprise element, but you’ll know you’re getting them something they’ll love.


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