The technology that drives the anti aging industry

The technology that drives the anti aging industry

The anti aging industry is huge. Many doctors and medical professionals are expanding their business by now offering aesthetics treatments to their patients. With baby boomers, the second largest generation after millennials, getting older, aesthetic treatments are more popular now than ever before.

With such a high demand, cosmetics can definitely boost medical practices revenues and it’s a great market to tap into, easily accessible thanks to aesthetics training for medical professionals. The anti aging cream market size is growing. In the USA alone, it was revealed that the anti aging industry had increased from about $80 billion in 2011 to more than $114 billion by 2015 ( anti aging market statistics ).

Is it right for your practice?

Despite being the growing demand, it’s important for physicians to think about it twice before starting to offer aesthetic treatments in their practice. Upfront training, staffing and material costs need to be taken into account. If you already have a large customer base, you have to make sure this new business venture will fit with them too so your medical practice doesn’t suffer overall.

A different kind of patient

The doctor-patient relationship will also be very different with people coming for cosmetic procedures. Aesthetic patients can be more demanding and tend to position themselves as consumers only  . It’s important to remind them though you’re responsible for their health, first and foremost and that aesthetic procedures have to follow strict health guidelines and rules in order to build up trust. Aesthetics should never be taken as lightly as a visit to the hair salon and you will have to maintain realistic expectations.

Keeping up to date with the latest techniques

Training in the latest aesthetic techniques is costly but necessary if you want to keep your customers and remain competitive. Emerging techniques and new products are coming up every year, with better, faster results. Watch out for new injectables and laser technology, some of the most dynamic sectors in aesthetics right now.

Marketing your new business venture into aesthetics

Marketing is essential when venturing into aesthetics. It’s an added cost that might not seem necessary if you don’t usually need to it to attract regular patients but it will become an indispensable tool to stand out from the market. Marketing specialists recommend using banners with specific pricing info or offers on social media networks and on the web in general. You could also set up an option to purchase treatments online to better capture revenue and get extra patients. Aesthetics has a much more pronounced business side to it than purely medical treatments: expect to put a lot of effort and to spare a fair amount of budget in order to market your business properly and make it last in the long run.

The technology that drives the anti aging industry



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