5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

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Your First Motorcycle

If you’ve decided to buy your first motorcycle, it’s important to know what you should look for. It’s a big investment, so you want to make sure to don’t make any mistakes. It might not be the best-case scenario to buy a bike and see that it’s not comfortable or that the seat is too low. So, here are 5 things to consider before buying your first motorcycle. 


Before you buy a motorcycle, see what your budget is. With the budget in mind, you will know which motorcycles you can look at. Motorcycle dealers can help you find the perfect motorcycle for your budget. Also, it’s not all about motorcycle purchases, there are additional costs like spare parts and fuel. So, make sure to ask questions and find out how much these things cost. Even if you buy a bike within your budget, you may not afford to ride it until you save some money.

A Bike That Fits You

Motorcycles come in various sizes and weights. Every bike is different, so it’s important to try a bike on and take it for a ride, if possible. Look for the perfect size between handlebars, seat, and foot pegs. Make sure to sit on a bike and check the handlebars, you don’t want to strain your wrists. In addition, a bike might be too high for you and you will not be able to put at least one foot on the ground. You never know which motorcycle fits you until you try it out. Also, check the motorcycle’s weight. The too heavy bike is not a good choice because there will be times when you will need to push the bike forward or backward. 

Don’t Overestimate Your Skills

Before you hit the road on the motorcycle trip and before you purchase a new bike, be realistic about your skills and abilities. The number one common mistake new riders make is believing that can handle higher-performance bikes than they can. As a beginner, avoid engines larger than 600cc. First, it’s important to learn how to handle and ride a slower bike. Once you’ve gained enough experience and knowledge, you will be ready to move to faster bikes. 

Buying a New Motorcycle or Used one

There’s no right or wrong choice here because there are a number of benefits either way. Buying a new motorcycle or a used one is a completely personal choice. There’s a special feeling and comfort in buying a new motorcycle. Also, they come with a warranty, however, they are much more expensive, and you will need a bigger budget. 

A used motorcycle is a good choice for beginners, and you will worry a lot less about damaging it. They cost less, however, if the bike is not in the best shape, you may invest more money in the long run than in a new one. 

Find a Bike That Excites You

Almost no one buys a motorcycle because they have to. People who buy and own bikes are people guided by passion and excitement. So, even though you’ll buy a smaller and slower bike as a beginner, choose a bike that makes you excited to ride. If you’ve found a bike that fits you regarding size, weight, and budget, and it excites you, then you have found your perfect match. 

Before you buy your first motorcycle, consider these 5 essential things. Remember to look for a bike that has the right size and weight for your body type. Also, stay within your budget and consider additional costs of fuel and spare parts. Last but not least, choose a bike that you look forward to riding!


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